Small world

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Small world

Hello, I need to create a world, similar to the usual one, but truncated from the top and bottom.

Let me explain.
It should be something similar to a flat world, created as close as possible to the bedrock. The only difference is that the world should not be flat, but still have small elevation changes in the form of mounds of 5-7 blocks, rivers and lakes. That is, a world without caves and dungeons. The top of the world is truncated by its height, ending at a height of about 30 for example.

I know that usually the size of the world is specified in the server settings, but I thought maybe you could control such important things well in the mod itself?

I need a not high world, located as low as possible to the bedrock, without strong elevation changes.

I also need to place an infinite slab on the bottommost world block and on the topmost one. This is my analogue of bedrock, but it performs an important part of the game scenario and has a different visual solution.


I will be glad if there are answers. Thanks