Industrialized Alchemy Mod

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Industrialized Alchemy Mod

Industrialized Alchemy
There may well be an antique secret, casually unveiled in a minecraft mod...

A Minecraft 1.19.4 Forge Mod focused around an industrialized take on producing the Philosophers Stone
A medium-difficulty chain of production through various furnaces, fluids, brewing recipes, etc... All lead to the ability of Transmutation of Metals into GOLD
By making Retorts, Flasks, Extruders and other such contraptions, you can conjure the Great Work and Magnum Opus...The Lion, Mana Cakes, Ormus, and MORE

There is really quite a bit to this mod, I have made a video linked below trying my best to explain most all aspects(Many updates were made since that video..)

It just needs a guide book.....(soon)

I have also linked the Curseforge mod page if you'd like to check out the latest version for yourselves. (:
This is my first mod ever made through Mccreator!
Made with love by Temutsaj.

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