Nether's overhaul

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his mod was made with mcreator (excuse me for my English I'm French) 😄

information: I advise to use JEI for recipes 



Shroomhat :

This helmet will allow you not to suffer any fall damage, thanks to its rebound capacity, which is very practical in areas like the nether, this manufacturer with a leather helmet and basalt snail slime, mushrooms

Bruger :

The bruger and an aggressive mob that paralyzes you, be careful it is very powerful 

he will chase you and when the player takes damage you will be paralyzed for 10 seconds he will do a lot of damage to you, the paralysis effect will wear off after 10 seconds

Bruger tunic :

This tunic makes you immune to lava, the craft is very complicated you have a 40% chance of dropping a fur on the bruger and you need 8 bruger fur

Others mobs :

It seems that mobs spawn all over the nether, they are neutral, don't tease them too much! 

Snail basalt: This harmless creature appears in basalt biomes with a 70% drop in snail slime allowing you to craft other items from the mod You can feed the snail with warped fungus, so that it gives you pieces of shells that will allow you to eat it and you give the effect of resistance









Shroomling can now be transported from Empty Bucket

Potions :

New way to create a fire resistance potion? Yes ! With bruger fur and water bottles

FungusStew and Luminèse :

Combine Crimson Fungus and Warped Fungus with a bowl to get a

new variety of food that gives advantageous effects and moreover gives a lot of saturation


The Luminèse and a new harvestable fruit on the Luminiferous plant the fruit gives a glowing effect on you and also a haste effect

Luminiferous Plant :

The Luminiferous grow the fruit Luminese the plant grows every 5 minutes

Obtain Luminese Seeds by breaking Warped Roots

Soul Tracker :

the Soul Tracker spawn in the soul sand valley, beware of him because under it is harmless air, when you hit him you will have a blindness effect, which and disadvantageous in the nether, the effect will last 5 seconds, he is also very fast a formidable enemy


(do not hesitate to make a return and share your ideas)

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