The Stalker

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It is recomended you play with the mod: Cold Sweat (Version: 2.2.4 for 1.16.5)


You have sanity in minecraft. You can't find how to replenish it...

It comes after you...

The Stalker!


This is a Horror mod including 2 entities so far. A form of herobrine (An illusion that should appear before the stalker comes) and The Stalker (My own entity)


Be expecting more entities (Such as my own versions of entities im calling: The Cave Lurker, The One Who Stares, The Mimic, And more! )

Modification files
TheStalkerV1.jar - Version 1Uploaded on: 12/26/2023 - 17:59   File size: 127.11 KB

To replenish your Sanity gather seeds and put them into a crafting table. It gives 6 blue berries per 1 seed