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Get excited! This mod brings the world of Dr. Stone into Minecraft! This mod goes up to the Treasure Island Arc, so if you haven't reached that point in the anime/manga, I recommend you watch/read it, because there's something in this mod that could be considered a spoiler. So what does this mod add besides that? It adds  the necessities to revive the statues scattered around your world, if you find any.


To start, things have changed a bit. First of all, you can't punch trees anymore because that is not realistic all! Instead, you must break leaves to get sticks, and find gravel to get flint to make a dagger to cut some grass, THEN you'll have to make an axe with those 3 things to be able to cut wood! If you want to revive a statue, you have to find the ingredients first. Nitric acid from bats, and wine from sweet berries. A person might appear out from the statue (he's still a work in progress, Idk what to do with him yet)


To make the all-famous cola, you need honey from bees, a lime, which can be gotten from tree leaves (oak and jungle), a fern, and a potion. Don't tell Gen that I told you how to make cola


If you're in a cold biome (snow plains, taiga, mountains, etc.), you'll begin to freeze! It's not instant, but you'll have about 30 seconds before you start taking damage quickly! You'll need to wear leather armor to combat the intense cold from now on!


**Spoiler warning for Treasure Island Arc**  ignore it if you haven't read/watched this part yet

  • The Medusa (or just petrification weapon) is an item that petrifies living things in a radius (In this case, 5 block radius) with a time of activation (1 second)

    If you happen to get petrified somehow, albeit the potions, You won't be able to move, jump, or see. You need someone to revive you with the revival fluid, assuming it works or if they're nice enough. You'll get healed of any injuries you may have sustained as well.

    - End of Spoilers

As always, use JEI (just enough items) if you don't know what you're doing. Any suggestions are appreciated in the comments!

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Stone World.jarUploaded on: 02/07/2024 - 01:54   File size: 454.01 KB
  • Added Platinum, which has a 2% chance of being obtained from gold ore or finding platinum ore.
  • Increased the time it takes before you start to freeze to 30 seconds.

This looks amazing! I just dropped a new mod too, It's called "Lunacy: The World Of RPG". We should do some sort of colab!