The Henry Stickmin Mod

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This is the first mod I have made, it adds a few items from the Henry Stickmin Games.

Right now the mod includes: Teleporters, Big Goron's Sword, A Music Disc of the Distraction Dance song, A painting, Secret Advancements, And Henry's Face!

The Teleporters have an experience mechanic where the more you use them the more accurate you get, eventually you can even teleport mobs and other players!

To get Henry's Face, Re-name a Nametag to "Henry" then right click an armor stand with it.

This mod is still a work in progress and I have a bunch of ideas for things to add in the coming future!

You can use this mod in mod packs but please credit me if you do so.

Modification files

Wow, This Mod Will Become The Movie.
Then The Maps!
Then, The Addons!