Easy Parkour

Published by Phil_123 on
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This Mod Makes Making Parkour Easier, It Adds 6 Unique Blocks

Normal Block - Just An Unbreakable Block

Fake Block - Same Texture As A Normal Block But You Can Fall Trough It

Kill Block - Kills You When You Touch It

Speed Block - Gives You Permanent Speed When You Touch It

Jump Block - Gives You Permanent Jump Boost When You Touch It

Clear Block - Clears All Of Your Effects When You Touch It

Fly Block - Gives You Permanent Levitation When You Touch It

Spawnpoint Block - Sets Your Spawnpoint To It When You Right Click It

Thats All! Have A Good Day :)

Modification files
easy_parkour_mod-1.0.0.jar - The ModUploaded on: 02/20/2024 - 13:08   File size: 31.49 KB
easy_parkour_mod-1.0.0 but better.jar - New BlocksUploaded on: 02/21/2024 - 10:41   File size: 39.62 KB


-Fly Block

-Spawnpoint Block