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Requires GeckoLib /// Requires CuriosAPI

JEI is recommended for the ability to see recipes!

Cenozoicraft is a mod focused on expanding the early game with a prehistoric flare. Featuring many animals such as Smilodon and the Woolly Mammoth, paleolithic technology like hunting and knapping, new biomes, gameplay mechanics, and many decorative blocks. Many animals both in vanilla and in Cenozoicraft will now drop one or more new items, such as hides, skulls, teeth, and more, which can be utilized to create tools or armor.

This mod is a heavy work in progress! More is to come. Feedback is always welcome. Get in touch with me on Discord! rory @lobopod

Current Mobs:


Mammoth render. A hairy, dark brown animal with two protruding tusks and a long nose.


Smilodon Render. A big cat with a cream colored coat and dark spots dotted over its back.


Thylacine render. A small, striking animal with a long snout and a vivid stripped coat.


Gastornis render. a large, wingless bird with a contrasting coat.


Kelenken render. A large, wingless bird with a dark coat and a single ring of bright blue around its eyes.


Paraceratherium render. A gigantic, entirely grey animal. It has a stubby snout and two tall ears.

Woolly Rhinoceros

Woolly Rhino render. A bulky brown animal with two long black horns jutting from its large head.


Glyptodon render. A short and stout animal with a dull colored armored back.

Most mobs will fight back when provoked or if you are near them for too long, but many of them can be tamed as well.

Getting started


Knapping is a new mechanic used to create many of the mod's tools and weapons. To get started, craft a Leg Guard by combining one leather and one flint in a crafting table. Hold the Leg Guard and right click to open the knapping interface. Place one flint in the first slot and the stone you would like to knap in the second slot. Take the knapped stone out of the third slot and replace it in the second to continue to whittle it down. Repeat this to make smaller weaponheads. Currently, only flint and obsidian can be knapped. to get limited peices of obsidian early, knap a club head, craft it into a club, and right click on a block of obsidian for a chance to break off a small peice, or shatter the block. This can be done to blocks of stone to get flint, as well.

Image of the knapping interface.

Place one leather and a knife in a crafting table to turn it into sinew. Sinew can be used in replacement of string in most recipes and are also used to bind weaponheads to sticks.

The World

Mammoth Steppe biomes are common, cold landscapes with flat terrain and minimal plant cover. This biome is home to many of the mods' mobs, and is the best place to hunt for and gather resources. Be wary, though, as Smilodon is native to this biome, and will warn you it has seen you with a growl. Larch trees dot the landscape here, a new, neutral-warm wood type. Traces of civilization can be found here as well, in the form of small homes made of Mammoth skin tarp and bone, as well as large graveyards with an abundance of bone and animal remains.

Jumbo hide and Jumbo bones are important crafting materials and will drop from the mod's larger mobs, such as Paraceratherium, the Mammoth, and the Woolly Rhinoceros. These animal remains are used in decorative block crafting, tools, and armor. Animals that drop these resources generally are strong and will attack back or flee, but these materials can also be scavenged from the landscape in the form of carcasses and abandoned hide huts.

Cloudberries spawn in bunches in cold biomes, and are a sweet source of early food, and also important in taming and breeding some mobs.


To tame an animal, hold a food that it likes in your main hand, and mount it by right clicking it. It will try to kick you off repeatedly and will inflict damage on you the entire time you are mounted. If you are persistent and you do not get mauled, eventually the animal will be broken in and will allow itself to become tame. Most animals will not loyally follow you or listen to commands, but they will come to your aid when you are attacked, and will allow you to ride them.

Tameable mobs and the foods they like:

Smilodon- all types of meat

Kelenken- all types of meat and fish

Mammoth- hay bales

Woolly Rhinoceros- hay bales

Bones and Remains

Scattered piles of bone can be found all over the world. These bone piles can be picked up and broken down into single bones. Skulls are decorative blocks, and every mob in the mod drops one that is unique to them. They can be broken down into bonemeal. They are planned to be utilized in more crafting recipes.

Armor and Tools

(WIP) Hunting spears are projectile weapons that have a chance to deal repetitive damage to a mob.

Throw a Fishing Spear into water to have a chance at catching a fish. They can only catch fish and ocassional junk. They deal much more damage to aquatic mobs and fish.

(WIP) Charcoal sticks can be used on the surface of any block to place a painting onto. Paintings come in many varieties and sizes, and are purely decorative.

(WIP) Spits are a heavily unfinished block that mainly serves decoration purposes. Its GUI has no effect, but it will be utilized for a campfire style cooking method in the future.

(WIP) The Hunter's armor set, though currently only a chestplate, is a set that will provide significant advantages when hunting. Hold shift to see all entities in a certain radius. Boost to damage given when the user attacks while sprinting or jumping off of a ledge is planned.

(WIP) Pelt armor is a set of armor that is an upgrade from standard leather armor. It is planned to have all of the same properties as leather armor, along with protection from arctic colds.

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