More Crafting Recipes! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

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This mod adds crafting recipes for items or blocks that don't have recipes in the vanilla game! This includes:


Saddle Crafting







Uncrafting Wool to 4 String

Wool Uncrafting







Uncrafting Nether Wart Block to 9 Nether Wart

Nether Wart Block Uncrafting







Smelting Cobblestone to get Stone in a Blast Furnace

Cobblestone Blasting







Smelting Stone to get Smooth Stone in a Blast Furnace

Stone Blasting








If you are looking for a version of this mod for Minecraft: Java Edition, you can find that below!

More Crafting Recipes! (Minecraft: Java Edition) | MCreator


Sorry! This mod's development has been canceled due to the workspace being deleted. If you want me to create a new version, comment below!

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