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Hello Everyone! Today I uploading my first mod! This mod adding to Minecraft the giant lynx! They are found in snow-free forests. You can tame a lynx using cooked raw or salmon. For a tamed lynx, an interface is available where you can give the command to stay in place or follow you. You can also equip the animal with a saddle or boxes. When the boxes are installed, the corresponding slots in the interface will be available.

 You can ride a lynx if you put a saddle on. The lynx can make giant leaps. Don't worry! While you are in the saddle, you are immune to falling) Keep in mind that the lynx will not be able to jump with large bags. Choose between mobility and carrying capacity! In addiction, lynx will protect you (if not sitting on place). 

 Important!  Geckolib-forge -1.20.1 - 4.4.2 mod necessary for it! This mod uses geckolib animations.

Thank you very much for your attention! I hope you will enjoy. In the future I plan to develop this mod.

Follow the lynx!




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lynx_mod_new-1.0.0.jar - Lynx modUploaded on: 03/20/2024 - 22:41   File size: 339.94 KB

This is first version of mod for free sharing.