The Poolrooms Mod

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Adds Some Blocks To Make The Poolrooms, Includes:

Pool Tile Blocks And Variants

Dark Variants Of Pool Tiles

Red, Blue, Yellow Plastic

And A Biome For The Water Color (Use "Single Biome" To Find The Biome)


These Blocks Can Be Used To Make Any Liminal Space You Want!

Thats All For Now, Thanks For Installing The Mod! :)

Hope You Have F̴͎̪͖͎̱̥̹̓̒͊͌̈́͊̎͝͝U̶̢̡̠͙͍̦͔̬͉͓̞̹̅̂̃̄͘͝͠Ņ̵̨̢̼͈̭̖̳͙͙̯̱̳̳͎̒̇̎̓̽ =)

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poolrooms_mod-1.0.1.jarUploaded on: 03/21/2024 - 07:51   File size: 49.09 KB

As the builder of Leo's Backrooms.

I actually love this concept of the poolrooms, its a great concept and the textures look bad when not connected but when there connected they fit together like noting else!

The water color is also pretty accurate.

Rating in my opinion.


## Cons.

Textures that are simple and connect really well.

Water color is accurate.

## Negatives.

The Textures don't look nice without being connected to each other.

(in my opinion this doesn't matter to much)