Color Matic

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In development
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This mod has restrictions to the user if planning to publish it online.

Youtube video (review/gameplay)

You may upload it IF (I) The Owner claim it is up to its standards

High quality gameplay/review

- Credits

- No squeakers

- 720p+ 30fps+

- Scripted and Organised. 

You may add it to modpack IF (I) The Owner claim it is up to its standards


- Mod creator must have publicity on its mods.

- Credits

You may NOT upload/mirror/modify mod files which (I) The Owner has created


This mod was made through Mcreator



Modification files - All my downloads are located on my website http://justgameinmods.weebly.comUploaded on: 08/04/2017 - 20:22   File size: 428 bytes

i cant try it now but is it actually every block (like normal blocks) ill be really impressed

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how did you get the spoiler tags to work. it isn't working for me :(

I have updates my description, instead of reading plain text now you get full images.

Can you help me with something?

Whatever I make is always failed (Build Is Failed to be made) And I do not know whats wrong. HELP!!!

I can create a animation for your mod! All i need is:
-Your skin
-The textures of the items in your mod
-YOUR opinion of how you want the animation to be!

I don't know if THIS is a 'third party promotion' comment, but still, reply if you want the animation done!
P.S: I'm not good at animating, so don't expect a great result.

I will add a 1.8.9 version of this and put new blocks into it. Then for 1.9 Im thinking a remastered edition. Still on this page though,

On its last steps I think... I will still add updates to it. The only hopes for it having downloads again is 1.9 I believe.