Roads And Streets

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Roads And Streets (Less Features Version)

📢 This mod is being REMADE from the ground up, please mind this could take 2 weeks or more. ⤵
                                        ✅ Thank you     ⚠ Suggestions are allowed at any time and may be accepted in the remade version⚠

📌 Pinned at 31/01/2019 3:05 PM           🔨 Please be aware that Forge crashes on low-memory or on out-dated versions, Thanks! 👍



🚦 Ever wanted perfect looking roads for your Minecraft worlds? Or just don't like blocky looking roads, 🔨 Well this is the mod for you. 🚥

⏰ This mod includes tons of features (most are in development)

🏁 Features list:

     🔎 All of these features either listed completed or in development

  • Yellow Lines
  • White Lines
  • Tar (asphalt) Roads
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Double Lines
  • Single Lines
  • Side Lines
  • Connecter Pieces
  • Other Road Markings
  • Parking Markings [Coming Soon]
  • Traffic Signals
  • Street Lamps

📌 Feel free to leave suggestions below.

⏰ Updates may be delayed due to school. etc.

🔨 There are many features coming soon.


📢  🎮 Also. This mod is included in this video:  🎤 https : // youtu . be / 5h5g33AM7Tw  📺
Sorry about the URL. Currently there is no way to feature a video in the screenshots section.


🎤 Thanks on the nice comment(s) everyone!

Modification files
roads-and-streets-006-v2.jar - >> Download Latest <<870.27 KB
roads-and-streets-005.jar - >> Download Older Version <<771.22 KB

This mod is in heavy development so please expect constant updates.

  • Delay's are possible due to school.

An update for creating Race Tracks is coming soon!

 What's new?
     Version 0.0.5-release
  • Highway Barrier
  • Safety Barrier

     Version 0.0.4-release
  • Intersection pieces
  • Special markings (such as give way and stop)

     Version 0.0.3-release
  • Street Lamp Models..
  • New Creative Tabs for future features!

And all features listed below. (0.0.3-testbuild)

     Version 0.0.3-testbuild
  • More Road Connector Pieces
  • More Center Lines
  • Traffic Signals (more coming soon)
  • Left-arrow Traffic Light
  • Right-arrow Traffic Light
  • Traffic Signal Poles


  • First models have been added.

This was just another quick change that I needed to do before the 0.1.0 release.

     Version 0.0.2
  • New Road Line Connector Blocks
  • All of these blocks come in Yellow and White, they can also be rotated in any direction or flipped.

It felt like these quick changes were needed.

     Version 0.0.1
  • 30 New blocks for roads
  • Yellow Road Lines
  • White Road Lines
  • Diagonal Road Lines
  • Center Lines
  • Rotatable Blocks
  • Re-textured everything
  • Re-made everything
  • Side Road Lines

The coming update(s) is planned to have features for parking, Markings. Meters. etc.

  •      The update after that is planned to have Traffic Lights and other features for traffic such as signs

Sorry about the update delay. I'm currently working on an Addon for this mod that includes feature's such as House Building. New Bricks, New Models.. etc.