Natural Structures

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In development
Academic Free License v3.0
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V 1.0.0

in the mod its structures natural structures in the tree its 1 oak chest in the oak chest its random items.

if you break a saddle leaf with a 0.7 chance drop the leaf achorn with 0.6 chance drop the leaf a stick.

you can with the paper in the furnace using for smelting ore you can the acorn using in the furnace for smelting.

play with you or enjoy with your friends :)

V 2.0.0

What is new in New Version?


Added Treasure Structure

Added Wooden Knife

Added Stone Knife

Added Golden Knife

Added Iron Knife

Added Diamond Knife

Added Netherite Knife

Added Magnetum Gem

Added Magnetum Block

Added Magnetum Ore

Added Lutzirdum Gem

Added Lutzirdum Block

Added Lutzirdum Ore

Added Oak Lamb

Added Mini Watermelon

Added New Leave


WoW, the new version is Cool bro have Fun ore please Give Feedback so I can add your ideas :D

Modification files
NaturalStructures Version 1.0.0 1.16.5.jar - 4 Structures 1 block 1 itemUploaded on: 03/20/2022 - 08:53   File size: 149.87 KB
Natural Structures 2.0.0.jar - The Description its on Mod Description :)Uploaded on: 09/22/2022 - 13:44   File size: 247.56 KB

awww this is such a cute thing to add
like that u can put stuff in them.
keep it up! <3