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THE NEW VERSION 1.1 IT'S HERE! (check the changelog for see more.)

It's time to defend your house / base with this 6 types of Turrets!

  • Wooden Cannon
  • Wooden Sniper turret
  • Wooden Machine gun
  • Wooden Bull cannon
  • Wooden Flameturret
  • Wooden Mortar
  • Miniturret

4 Types of blocks!:

  • Turret Workshop
  • Repair Workshop
  • Abandonated Gear Crate
  • Block of lifestone.

1 Special Enemy:

  • The Tank


Every turret has advantages and disadvantages, so you need make the best plan for your base/house to Destroy every enemy!


My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@WarlerysHQ-du5ds

all the recipes (1.1): https://www.mediafire.com/file/4tphjso7bgl8rix/Recipes1.1.pdf/file

Modification files
warleryshq-1.1.1-forge-1.20.1.jar - a minor fix bugs updateUploaded on: 06/06/2024 - 04:55   File size: 3.45 MB


-Fixed bug called "infinite snipers"

-Fixed Gravity yo abandonated gear crate

-Added more light to lifestone block.



- Fixed lifestone collision bug

- Balanced Mini Turret:

  • HP: (Before: 25), (After: 35)
  • ATK: (Before: 1.5), (After: 1.8)

-Added Resistance to fall damage and fire

- Added Gear and Abandoned Gear Crate:

  • Use Gears for increase Mini Turret Max HP
  • Abandoned gear crate will apear randomly in the world, contains gears and other rewards.
  • Gear will be used for more things soon.

- added better rewards when Tank is defeated.

- Balanced Mortar:

  • Added Explotion radius when proyectile hits a block.

- New Model for Wooden Cannon and Sniper turret.

- Balanced Sniper turret:

  •  (-1 damage, +Speed rate, +Range)

- Rebalanced Recipes in Turrets, Turret Gear and Turret Workshop:

  • Now is more easier to make turrets!

- Added Repair Workshop

  • Can Repair defeated turrets.
  • You will need specific materials for repair them.
  • Repair Some turrets requires more time.

- Added damaged system for all turrets.

- Fixed Turret Spawn Position

- Re-textured Lifestone, Turret gear.

- Show Correct stats in description of all turrets.- Fixed Animations for all turrets, specially for Tank and Miniturret.

- Improved AI of turrets

  • Now leave messages to the player when turret dies.
  • When Turret dies, drops a damaged contract.
  • Now the HQ can communicate with you.
  • Some turrets make sounds when kills a target.




- added  Turret Workshop (make turrets from this) (can make from a normal crafting table)
- added  TurretGear (special item for make turrets) (can make from a normal crafting table)
- added  Wooden Cannon 
- added  Wooden Sniper turret (possibility of being removed)
- added  Wooden machinegun 
- added  Lifestone and Lifestone ore (needs melt to obtain the item)
- added  Enemy Tank 
- added  WoodenFlameturret 
- added  Wooden Bull Cannon 
- added  Wooden Mortar 
- Rebalanced "tank"  (added +35 HP, - damage, - attack speed, +1 explosion radius)

- added Miniturret

  • Make yours breeding with Lifestone, after that, both will be a good friends :)
  • Balanced (added +5 Hp, and +1.2 Damage,  floats in water.)


Note: some bugs will be fixed in the next update, don't worry commander!