Walking With Dinosaurs

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Mod being remade info below is now outdated.

This mod currently adds 8 animals from the documentary "Walking with Dinosaurs".

It is a work in progress and will see more dinosaurs/other prehistoric animals added in the future.

Triassic Arizona(New Blood): Dimensions are creative mode only until a way to travel to them is added.(likely when the mobs and dimension from the third episode are added.)

 Mobs can be found in the wooded badlands until then.


  • This early dinosaur can be found alone or in small groups.
  • Babies can also be found and tamed with raw lungfish, baby cynodonts, or Placerias meat, and must be fed again after growing.
  • They grow approximately two in game days after spawning unless they aren't tamed.
  • Adults see Cynodonts, and juveniles of their own species as prey and will attack them.
  • Drops it's carcass on death which can be cooked.


  • This large Dicynodont is normally passive, but can use it's tusks to defend itself if necessary.
  • Will flee from Postosuchus unless attacked.    
  • Drops it's meat which can be cooked or used to tame baby Coelophysis


  • A large Rauisuchian that is the top predator of it's environment.
  • Hunts Placerias, Coelophysis, and Cynodonts.
  • Attacks players who get too close.
  • Avoids Plateosaurus.
  • Drops it's hide that can be crafted into leather.


  • An early relative of mammals who can be found near their burrows.
  • Avoid Coelophysis but will attack them if too close, although they hunt juveniles.
  • Baby cynodonts can sometimes be found in their burrows and will grow after approximately two in game days while in your inventory.
  • Adults grown by players can then be tamed with raw lungfish or Coelophysis meat.


  • A large prosauropod with no predators.
  • Postosuchus hate them.
  • Can drop their meat that can be cooked.


  • A small pterosaur that preys on dragonflies
  • Drops their wing membranes, three of which can be used to make a phantom membrane.


  • A passive water mob found in swamps and rivers.
  • Can be cooked or used to tame baby Coelophysis.


  • A passive flying mob that can be found in plains and mountain biomes.
  • Can be eaten for little nutritional value.

Jurassic Colorado(Time of the Titans): 


  • Large sauropod found in herds.
  • Temporarily spawns in plains biome for reason mentioned above.

textures for most of the mobs will now be changed

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- added Diplodocus

Can you explain to me how to make those animations that you use on the necks and tails that are chain like? I was trying to do it in my mod but couldn't find a way to do it