Bee Swarm Craft (beta)

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This Mod Is in beta so its still work in progress!

I'm planning on making the bees much more better looking if I get a decent amount of downloads my goal is 70 downloads!


This is a mod based on a popular game on roblox called Bee Swarm Simulator, Made by Onett


(UPDATE 3 !!!!!!!)

.51! Different Types Of Bees (more coming soon!)

.New Bees (fan suggested)

.New Detailed Bear Texture

.New Items????

.New Blocks



This mod includes

.51 Different types of bees (more coming soon)

.9 Types of flowers! (the texture when the flowers are in inventory

is broken not sure how I can fix this)

.6 New type of biome (more coming soon :D )

.21! new types of blocks (more coming soon)

.23! items

.15 types of food?!?


The future of this mod will include


New bee textures 20x20 pixels! (it's a big difference)

New tools

New items like jelly jam honey etc.


Moon Wool Recipe
Moon Wool Recipe 8 wool 1 moon charm
Converter Block (Used to go into the dimension
Converter Block 1 Iron block 1 Power cell

Pouch Recipe 6 Moon wool 1 moon charm

Pouch Recipe
Battery Recipe 2 batterys 1 glitter pouch
Battery Recipe
Power Cell Recipe (you get glitter and magic beans from rare structures in the bee swarm biomes / dimension 4 iron 2 redstone 2 glitter pouch 1 magic bean
Battery Recipe Power Cell recipe" data-entity-type="" data-entity-uuid="" src="…" />

Project members
Release type
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
Bee Swarm Craft 1.14.4.jar - This mod is about a game on roblox called Bee Swarm Simulator543.61 KB
Bee Swarm Craft 1.14.4 (Upadate 1).jar - This mod is about a game on roblox called Bee Swarm Simulator (UPDATE!)705.21 KB
Bee Swarm Craft 1.14.4 UPDATE 2.jar - This mod is about a game on rovlox called bee swarm simualtor (Update 2!)1.76 MB
Bee Swarm Craft 1.14.4 (Update 3).jar - This mod is about a game on roblox called bee swarm simulator (Update 3!)1.92 MB

Submitted by Rukusu on Thu, 01/02/2020 - 20:11

I think expanding on this concept is really cool! I hope you will continue to work on this mod and textures :D

The feeling when mixed roblox and minecraft (Bee Swarm Simulator from roblox)

Submitted by Haternex on Fri, 01/03/2020 - 16:52

Wow! Bee Swarm Simulator in Minecraft. Very good idea. :D

Submitted by ddring9794 on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 18:34

Bees already exist in Minecraft, it's called 1.15.