MeziCraft 8: Rebirth (200+ Mobs)

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Yes, another one. This dinosaur mod is back better than ever! Before you ask as well, yes, many versions were made before this one. Unlike the other mods, this one is still in early access, which means all features are not added and are subject to change! Updates will be frequent, however.

MeziCraft has now became a collaboration between me and the well-known JRGlitches, who is greatly known for that Weapons of Fame mod a while back.

Make sure to comment ANY bugs, glitches, and errors in the mod, as it is still in development.

The dimension portal is made out of fossil blocks, and Mezranium is the lighter.

This version includes all of this and more:

1: Technically 150+ mobs!

2: These mobs include the different unique dinosaurs, each with their own meat and eggs, and their most important form:


4: Each dinosaur will have an tameable form, from which you can get by feeding respective materials to the animal, which will then lay an egg.

5: Once you have the egg, wait a bit before it hatches into your own tamed creature.

6: The tamed dinos are RIDEABLE, FLYABLE, and SWIMABLE, and you can use the command stick, a new tool, to lead your creatures and grant SPECIAL ABILITIES when riding them.

7: The dimension is all new and unique as well, with new structures, biomes, and dinosaurs!

8: The dinosaurs will attack each other, regardless of biome, and will also attack animals and villagers!

9: Spawning water mobs with fish AI!

10: Working flying mobs!

11: New ores, tools, weapons, armor, blocks, and more!

12: And much, muuuuch, other stuff!

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Lead developer
Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
1.14.4MezicraftV3.jar - V:3 Mezicraft 8 (1.14.4)8.33 MB
1.14.4MezicraftV4.jar - V:4 MeziCraft 8 (1.14.4)8.72 MB
V6Mezicraft8.jar - V:6 Mezicraft 8 (1.14.4)12.07 MB
MeziPreRelease.jar - MeziPreRelease (1.14.4)12.55 MB

V2: Many bug fixes, new dinosaurs, and overall improvements.

V3: Same, to be honest.

V4: Added a Trex, along with more things.

V6: Giant update, honestly.

There is something I want to ask you mode. What is the way to add one or more monster modeling?