FNSC (Five Nights Skin Collection)

Published by iquelino on Fri, 10/28/2016 - 15:12
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In development
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This mod adds original skins and fanmades of five nights at freddy's  ... it just adds mobs, and I'm still creating and updating for now it adds 141 skins, but this hope you like it ... Bye :D

1.1 add 60-80 skins

1.2 fixed bugs

1.3 add new 69-80+ skins

1.5 add new 15 skins

1.6 add new 15 skins

1.8 add new 45 skins

Modification files
extract_extraia_0.zip - Fnsc 1.8 - Fixed859.58 KB
extract_extraia_0.zip - Fncs 1.5603.47 KB
extract_extraia.zip - Fncs 1.3533.58 KB
extract_extraia.zip - Fncs 1.2431.79 KB

To say this word is impressive to see all the animatronics, it's good, we can create new game for our friends and full of jumpscares to impress our friends, fans will be happy!