Reg's Bestiary

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Reg's Bestiary is a mod that adds 10 creatures,

  • 3 night seekers (see the images), tamable with lizard tails, rabbit meat & chicken meat. attacks for you & gives you night vision (buggy for the moment sorry fix that later)

  • 3 crawling husks (see the images), breedable with salmon. can be mounted.

  • 2 lizards (see the image), useless.

  • a growling beast (see the image), aggressive towards everything even themselves.

  • and some eyes looking at you, laughing in the darks (no images). ABSOLUTELY USELESS AND ANNOYING.

The mod also adds food, lizard tails, crawler meat and growler meat. you can eat them (thanks captain ovious).

check out my other mod : Reg's Tales Of Steel And Blood.

Modification files
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