Reg's Tales Of Steel And Blood

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod is realy short, there's like...

  • steel tools & armor,
  • blood particles from animals,
  • green blood particles from monsters,
  • bones from skeletons & wither bones from wither skeletons,
  • iron particles from golems.

That's it the mod is over. Well I could talk about the technical things like the blood particles amount depending on the mob type & the max health of it. I could say that you need to smelt iron in a blast furnace and put the steel ingot that you got on an iron piece of armor or tool to upgrade it to steel, like netherite actualy.

(I can't even think of a category for that mod, also that a realy long name for a mod that little.)

Well go check out my other mod : Reg's Bestiary.

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