Classic Craft Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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the Classic Craft Mod. Adds many old textures and old sounds that existed in Alpha times
the mod. also adds new mobs some mobs are meant to be creepy pasta mobs other just nostalgia there is also an overlay which is supposed to be an Easter egg at error 422
in nether the mod. changes in terms of textures also a lot I hope it to give you the mod.
likes i write your wishes and suggestions for improvement in the comments

Modification files
Classic Craft Mod 1.12.2.jar - Classic Craft Mod568.73 KB
Classic Craft Mod Update 1.12.2.jar - Classic Craft update 1.12.2460.98 KB
Classic Craft Mod Big Update.jar - Classic Craft 1.16.5 Big Update4.5 MB

- neuen Funktionsschlüssel G Spawn Human hinzufügen

-add bösen Menschen

-add alte Kriechpflanze

-add Heldenkriecher

-add alten Wolf

-und mehr Mobs