Caves of Cobalt

Published by rmsandegs on Sat, 03/27/2021 - 04:16
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Welcome to Caves of Cobalt! This mod brings life to Minecraft's caves with new decorative blocks, food, weapons, mobs, biomes, random structures, and, of course, ores.

Caves of Cobalt shakes up the Minecraft formula with several new tool and armor sets available throughout the game, from when you mine your first iron to diamonds and beyond!

Gear up and fight tons mobs custom-coded in Java for a truly unique experience, or trade with a new custom race of NPCs that live in sprawling, randomly generated underground dwellings brimming with goodies ripe for the pillaging! They don't seem to mind, but stay on your toes for secrets...

There are also dangerous new biomes for brave conquerors to find. vicious mobs await you there, but so do powerful riches!


Enjoy this passion project of mine! I've been working on it for nearly two years, and I'm very excited/relieved to finally publish this.


This mod is fully JEI (Just Enough Items) compatible, including the 2 new custom crafting stations. I strongly advise that you use it to look up recipes for the best experience.

This is also my first project using Java programming, so expect some incompatibilities or performance stutters (especially when rapidly loading chunks). Optifine helps with this problem quite a lot, so I would also recommend using that as well.

The Wiki is now in a stable state. Though keep in mind that the Blocks section is still under construction.

Try it out for yourself!


  • Will you make/When is 1.16?
    • I will be releasing a new update very soon. After that, I will immediately begin work on 1.16
  • Can you add me on Discord?
    • ...

Downloads have been moved to CurseForge! Click here to go to Caves of Cobalt's CurseForge page

Modification files
DUMMYFILE.jar - DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS. This is a dummy file because the real one is too large. The actual mod is linked at the bottom of the post.Uploaded on: 03/27/2021 - 05:25   File size: 1014 bytes


  • Release


  • [Bugfix] Marigold patches can no longer break Bedrock when generating
  • !!! [Bugfix] Watchers now properly spawn in caves
  • Adjusted the attributes of socketed Golden gear (such as damage, mining speed, harvest level, etc) to be more balanced and worthwhile compared to Vanilla alternatives
  • Fixed erroneous spelling: Sulphur -> Sulfur (applies to IDs, meaning Sulfur items and ores might be deleted from old worlds)
  • !!! All Golden items (armor, tools, etc.) can now be repaired with their respective gems
  • Changed minimum spawn height of Flawed Topaz ore from y=10 to y=40
  • Updated texture of Flawed Topaz Ore
  • Fixed incorrect description for Amethyst Hoe
  • Updated textures for Tunnelhide Armor items
  • !!! Removed Flawed Topaz from the Jeweling system
    • Flawed Topaz will now be used to repair Radiant Topaz items.
  • Decreased time taken to eat a Hellberry from 1s to 0.6s (20 to 12 ticks)
  • Updated texture of Apple of Eden
  • Removed Instant Damage from the Apple of Eden's effects
  • Reduced drop rate of multiple Hellberries from a Hellberry Bush from 50% to 30%
  • !!! New set bonus for Shroomium Armor: Melee attackers are given the Spores effect
  • Tome of Projection now has a crafting recipe
  • Sapphire tools now give a small amount of XP when mining their respective blocks
  • !!! Made generation of Mushroom Mires biomes more unique & improved generation performance
    • Much larger height scale (taller hills & lower base level) & more intricate overall shape
    • Biomes now take ~0.5 - 1.5 seconds to generate instead of the previous ~4 - 6 seconds (much fewer lighting updates)


  • Increased the duration of Potions (Vials):
    • Normal: 5:00 (from 3:00)
    • Long: 9:00 (from 6:00)
    • Strong: 4:00 (from 3:00)

Future Update:

  • Watchers now strafe when shooting at the player instead of sitting still (like Skeletons)
  • Removed Tiki Torches from Overgrown Ruins

Dude the textures just look really sick, I like the malachite armor with the dashing and skipping, this will definetely be MOTW

While that might be partially true, the main reason is because MCreator doesn't count downloads from external sources, and because my mod file is far too big to be posted on MCreator's site, I've had to use 3rd party hosting sites for my file downloads. Right now, I have about 400 altogether.

I will definitely be submitting this for MOTW, but only after I get some things ironed out. The problem is that I don't really know what those things are, because testing everything in this mod has become a mammoth task in itself. Any help looking for bugs or suggesting balancing changes would be greatly appreciated from anyone!

Really cool. No way you did this in mcreator :O. You did it coding no?