InDepth Vanilla - by Nolesftw

Published by NolesFtw on Wed, 06/05/2019 - 09:24
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InDepth Vanilla 2.0

Version - Alpha 1.2


This mod is designed to feel natural in Minecraft. Almost as if its update. This adds more Functionality to the base game without removing that traditional Minecraft feel.  The mod also takes in account for Balance and nothing is overpowered or broken. As more features are added the balance will only improve.  Often times minecraft is simply about getting diamond tools and enchanting them over and over. With Tool upgrades and the new sets of Tools you are given more options than ever. New Tools and tool upgrades give you interesting and functional reasons to use different Tool types. This also helps reduce the grind. While still giving you plenty of adventures and things to do in the later game. Allowing Greater Exploration and less mining simulator. 



2 New Crafting stations - The Smelter and The Smith with Custom functional easy to use GUI

Smelter allows for creation of alloys and unique items that have a number of uses!

2 Sets of complete tools for 2 Alloys(Steel and Giron)(More planned for)

The Smith Allows you to upgrade your tools and weapons on top of adding in new items to the game.( currently with 46 unique recipes and custom GUI)

Tool upgrades that will change the stats of your Tools. (Currently 3)

All tools Tier Iron and higher have access to tool upgrades.

New Mob - Wild Boar a hostile pig with a unique texture and drops. 

Endless gave Dimension that has special overworld structures that you will need to find before you can enter.  

Endless cave has special glow weeds that light parts of dark spooky resource filled cave. (More features to come)

A Mountains Biome with unique generation Flowers, Plants, Mountain Berry Bushes that can be grow and harvested for Berries! 

Mountain berries give you night vision for a short amount of time as well. 

Endless cave Temples that Hang both from the roof and stick up from the ground. The Temples have Double Mob Spawners.

Endless Cave Mobs Skeletons, Zombies, Spiders, Cave Spiders. 

Endless Cave custom Ore Generation. Higher amounts of Rare Ores generate in this dimension. More Mobs Exist though. 

Portal Room Is is underground the entrance is on the Surface now.

This is Currently the very 2nd Alpha version and already has over 172 mod elements. version 1.2


Planned Features 

New Tools (Next Update)

More Smith and Smelter recipes and items(yes even more)

More Texture Updates for current textures. 




Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version


added Wild Boar

Added Endless cave Dimension

Added special structures to allow entrance to endless cave dimension

improvements to Mountains Biome

added Glow Weeds and Glowing Mossy stone

added 2 more Tool Upgrades

added 40 more Smith crafting recipes

added Steel armor and Giron Armor crafting recipes


Nice mod :)
Can you add screenshots of the mod please?

Nice mod. I like that it's vanilla-like :)

Submitted by NolesFtw on Sat, 06/08/2019 - 00:36

Mod Just Released Update 1.1