Hellish Additions

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This is my first mod. I've learned how to use MCreator and this is the product. I've got much more to learn, but for now, enjoy!



- Hellium, nether ore. Great fuel source, one ingot smelts 2 stacks of items while full block smelts 20 stacks.

- Mob, Demon, spawns in the Nether, hurt by water, explodes on death. Hunts Pigmen, Animals and Armor Stands, but is afraid of parrots. Drops demon chunks and rarely hellium ingot.

- Hellish Bow with tnt arrows explodes hit mobs.

- Ninja Bow with ninja arrows, teleports player to hit mobs or place where arrow hit.

- Demon Altar structure, spawns in Overworld.

- Hellish multitool, stronger, faster than diamond.

- Armageddon command, explodes, places demon altar and summons demons.

- Fire Ticker, when redstone is applied puts fire on top of the block and disables fire spread.

- Rainmaker, when redstone is applied toggles downfall.

- Shock Stick, let's you become semi-low-budget Thor.

- Acid liquid that spawns in hell. I don't really know where I was going with it. Let's just say it's alpha.

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Nice mod :)
Your textures could be improved slightly though.