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  • Minecraft Version | 1.12.2
  • Mod Version | 1.1.0


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We have just come out of the beta phase however we have reworked our system for the storage blocks that we were going to use back in beta. The new system can hold up to 27 stacks of items in one storage block of one specific kind of resource.

Storage blocks have eight-block states that indicate how full the block is in its inventory. The blocks you add to the inventory of the block by right-clicking on the block will add it to a variable count that is stored as NBT data.

Storage blocks can be crafted at the Storage Table using custom recipes to make any storage block to store items of a specific type in. Even though we are working on storage blocks at the moment, we have plans to expand the mod into other areas to add more features and custom content that will make one massive mod.


We plan to go crafting crazy with this mod and there is no point in setting up a recipe section on a forum topic like this for the number of recipes we are going to be adding, it will just get too busy. We have opened up a google website that can be found below organize our recipes.





This section has the last stable build for each Minecraft Version of the mod. If you are looking for a specific version of our mod though you will need yo go to our website and download the type of build your looking for from there.



  • Planed




You can find downloads to specific stable releases on our website below.






  • Added Oak Plank Pile
  • Added Spruce Plank Pile
  • Added Birch Plank Pile
  • Added Jungle Plank Pile
  • Added Acacia Plank Pile
  • Added Dark Oak Plank Pile


You can find the road map on our website below.



Modification files - More Blox | 1.1.0 | 1.12.2813.91 KB

Driftwood Update | 1.1.0 | 1.12.2

WARNING: Block ids have been changed make sure to removed items from all blocks before you update to prevent item loss.

  • Added block leveling sounds.
  • Added More Blox creative tab.
  • Added download on the website for resource pack files.
  • Updated block IDs
  • Updated the display name for the log piles.
  • Updated texture and model file names.
  • Fixed an issue where other logs could be stored in other log piles.


Driftwood Update | 1.0.1 | 1.12.2
  • Fixed some sound issues.


Driftwood Update | 1.0.0 | 1.12.2
  • Added Storage Table
  • Added Oak Log Pile 
  • Added Spruce Log Pile
  • Added Birch Log Pile
  • Added Jungle Log Pile
  • Added Acacia Log Pile
  • Added Dark Oak Log Pile


Thanks, I have been working on a bit more user-friendly system, I am trying to now take some ideas from other games I have played like ARK and some of the great ideas some other mod creators have made for those games and make a similar form for this mod. My next stage is making it more interactive with the player.

NICE IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A future pro modmaker you will become, the idea of ​​apple storage, frankly, I love it!

PS: If you want to go check my mod, go there

I have thought of some ways over the night how I could improve the mod and I think stepping away from the vanilla crafting would be better and making the mod more interactive so for example, actually placing logs in a woodpile would be more satisfying than just crafting a basic block to compress it. More work yes but it will look really cool seeing the woodpile or other storage blocks fill up over time.

I have been with MCreator since like 1.5.X I mainly been doing tutorials on youtube all this time, I know how the program works so it's easy to just put my finger down and go let's do it this way, rather than learning how to figure out how to achieve something complex. My channel name is "NorthWestTrees Gaming" on YouTube I still post tutorials for MCreator once a week. Most are things the community suggests if I can figure out how to put something together in the programs current state.

I saw what are you doing for the next update. It looks awesome! :D
But how do you check if the block is rotated when adding an item to it?

It has to be done one model at a time, there are 40 models per block, each block has different stages of it being filled (10 states) and there are 4 rotations that the block can face north, east, south, and west. Each model has to be made as a block then configured using procedures to update to the right block state based on its current rotation, and filled state, it is ironically the easiest part of making the mod is set up the procedures. it's modeling, and the taking the time to add every block state in as a regular block that takes the most of the time. it's taken me two days from 12 PM to 11 PM to get just one block complete. Updates will take a long time, and I will need to take (vacation days) so I feel more motivated after each block just because of the amount of work it takes. one block takes 84 block elements.

I am still working hard at the models, they take longer than making the actual content, however, I have been getting good reactions for the work I have been doing so I will be continuing to focus on models and textures part of the mod. I should have another snapshot release on my website in the next couple days. I have been working on Birch Woodpiles, and taking breaks and modeling other things like the potato basket that I just completed. I have been using the forum blog for the mod when I have things to share like the potato basket and such.

Also, the potato basket will replace the old potato crate, as will many other basket varieties. But that will be added towards the end of the development for 1.1.0.

Ok, first I can translate to French, second, you need to upload it on curse forge, third, let me please help you with models and last, can I borrow you the idea of the « log stackers » (as I already have « cake stackers » in my mod)