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Beta Release 1.1.0

Minecraft / Forge 1.12.2


About More Blox

More Blox adds new 3D custom block models to Minecraft. The blocks models can store up to nine items of a specific type of resource. The blocks can also be rotated towards north, east, south or west when in its empty state. Right-clicking with a specific type of resource will add the item to the block and update the block state of the storage block. Right-clicking the block again with an empty hand will remove the item and add it back to your inventory. Every block has 40 block states (10 for each direction). We have added some custom resources to the mod to add better support for crafting more complex blocks and so we don't need to worry about a conflict with vanilla recipes as much.


How To Craft

All crafting recipes can be found on our website section for our mod, I will be trying to find a better way of displaying recipes a bit more than what is currently set up in the future.


Download The Mod

We use MediaFire for soring our mod version. You can access all stable downloads and current snapshots on our website download pages. All files are in a .zip archive.

All future versions will be on our website.


Development Blog

You can stay updated with releases news and more by subscribing to our blog on our website. We have a main blog category for this particular mod. You can always find what we are working on currently on our planned page which lists the upcoming changes to the mod.


General Discussion

Please use this forum for feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions, and general question.

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Bug Reports

Please report all bug reports and issues on this forum.

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Development Vlog

For sneak peaks of development news and more you can check out the official Dev Vlog playlist on my YouTube channel for this mod.


Extra Notes

Development for 2.0

Some may know that I work full time on my YouTube channel and only take the weekends off to relax, I generally don't work on projects during this time unless I feel motivated to. I mostly play steam games and get inspiration for the next week to come. This mod has become a heavy burden to carry with the system in place when there is now support for rotation and inventories. As much as the is great for smaller projects, like one kind of block like a compost bin, it is a lot of pressure to try to work on every block state for very little progress.

The time spent on say six blocks could easily have gone to better models, textures and extra content rather than making many versions of the same model, fixing the code in the JSON file for proper display settings and then setting up the models and procedures in MCreator. I plan to do a tutorial on how to make block states and use them as I have in this model but I can see why Mojang has not made blocks like haybales or coal blocks using this system.

On a side note, I will talk a small bit about the new system, for what I can release at this point in time. I will be using block inventories in 2.0 with new models that no longer require the default state block so I have more freedom when it comes to planning and modeling for the mod. most of the textures that where in the first version will be carried over to the 2.0 mainly focusing on the basket wicker, and log textures. I will be updating and adding achievements back to the mod for progression, I also should have added more content then the 1.0 version snapshot. I will be carrying over the basket model directly from the old mod and I have a few things I will be releasing in a future dev vlog.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Update 1.1.0

Update 1.0.0
  • Added an Apple Crate block (custom model).
  • Added a Beetroot Crate block (custom model).
  • Added a Carrot Crate block (custom model).
  • Added a Melon Crate block (custom model).
  • Added a Potato Crate block (custom model).
  • Added a Wheat Crate block (custom model).
  • Added six storage crate recipes to construct blocks.
  • Added six storage crate recipes to deconstruct the blocks.
  • Added beta multi-language support in German, Rusian, Polish, French, Spanish (default is English). The community can help translate.

Thanks, I have been working on a bit more user-friendly system, I am trying to now take some ideas from other games I have played like ARK and some of the great ideas some other mod creators have made for those games and make a similar form for this mod. My next stage is making it more interactive with the player.

Submitted by Furti on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 13:49

NICE IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A future pro modmaker you will become, the idea of ​​apple storage, frankly, I love it!

PS: If you want to go check my mod, go there

I have thought of some ways over the night how I could improve the mod and I think stepping away from the vanilla crafting would be better and making the mod more interactive so for example, actually placing logs in a woodpile would be more satisfying than just crafting a basic block to compress it. More work yes but it will look really cool seeing the woodpile or other storage blocks fill up over time.

I have been with MCreator since like 1.5.X I mainly been doing tutorials on youtube all this time, I know how the program works so it's easy to just put my finger down and go let's do it this way, rather than learning how to figure out how to achieve something complex. My channel name is "NorthWestTrees Gaming" on YouTube I still post tutorials for MCreator once a week. Most are things the community suggests if I can figure out how to put something together in the programs current state.

I saw what are you doing for the next update. It looks awesome! :D
But how do you check if the block is rotated when adding an item to it?

It has to be done one model at a time, there are 40 models per block, each block has different stages of it being filled (10 states) and there are 4 rotations that the block can face north, east, south, and west. Each model has to be made as a block then configured using procedures to update to the right block state based on its current rotation, and filled state, it is ironically the easiest part of making the mod is set up the procedures. it's modeling, and the taking the time to add every block state in as a regular block that takes the most of the time. it's taken me two days from 12 PM to 11 PM to get just one block complete. Updates will take a long time, and I will need to take (vacation days) so I feel more motivated after each block just because of the amount of work it takes. one block takes 84 block elements.

Very nice mod, models, textures and description. This seems like a good mod :)