slivermoon mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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The created mod that I made is just trying to make it more sense how I can create it everything in the details that I showcase it in my videos however I am bad with in explaining or making good sense in any kind of way that you want me to do however if you want to see it better check my YouTube channel out and you can understand much better than any chat because I am not good at chatting so if you have any other problems with this please contact me so that I can come back with what I can do about changing however the silvermoon mod is created by me only the details that I can say about the mod is in only in the video that I can create it the software that I use mcreator however if you want to see more about this information about this mod please check the video however it doesn't matter that I say it in my own language or or in another language I'm in both language is very bad to explain it or selling or good at chatting so I suggest that you have to check it out the Mart self on a video directly so that you may be understands more about it and maybe can help anything that I just do if I make mistakes in any way that you want me to do I can still trying to fix it but it doesn't matter how you want me to fix it once the items that I can not know how to do it so you'll have to understand directly that I trying to make sense in any kind of way that I can do because in that in Netherlands or English I bad to tell about mod or chat in texting please understand me and this doesn't help then can contact me by asking discord and also don't have help because I don't have friends in real life so please understand because am handicap with ocular motor apraxia syndrome developed and autistic and want learning this so much even I have no diploma because of Netherlands law handicap are not allow to have so have problems just contacting me please or check my YouTube channel call YTtoxic jack so you can find out self here youtube link even see my mcreator videos youu waiit for all video coming out 

if want help in the procedures go ahead and put you discord on it 

Modification files
silvermoon 1.2.4.jar - Just Enough Items (JEI) need use this7.62 MB
silvermoon 1.2.8.jar - Just Enough Items (JEI) need use this7.68 MB
silvermoon 1.3.3.jar - Just Enough Items (JEI) need use this7.69 MB

1.0.6 version 

Tools have updated to better mining and break blocks 


Dust zombie is removed because I can't not make mod models of and not even animated of understand of x y z 


Lootbags have changed textures 


1.1.9 beta 


Dimension I made call dark demon world also this no light source so you very easy lost if go in here 


Demon forest


New wood type but you will see self  


Also I try to make mod model even tutorials I still can not follow it I only can follow if leading ways of talk and do in Direct way


If there bug or something else let me know and I will come back to fix in new update 


If want help with my mod please let me know


1.2.0 beta 

bugs fix of droping 


1.3.3 beta 

lot of this be fix now