The Future Mod!

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On a Normal World.....A Normal Player....... But This Mod adds More to Normal Minecraft!!!!!

This Mod adds:

  • Kelp and Seagrass with animated Textures
  • New Crystals: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Orange, Violet, Pink, White, Black and Mad Green Crystals!
  • Added Two Armor Sets, Nyan Armor and Turtle Helmet
  • Added Nautilus Shell, Shell, Heart of The Sea, Underwater Eye, Frozen Shell, Security Puppet Item, Prismarine Heart, Scute, Rat Scales, Bucket of Cod, Bucket of Salmon, Bucket of ufferfish and Bucket of Clownfish
  • Added 6 New Blocks: Blue Ice, Nyan Ore, Sugar Cane Block, Blaze Lantern, Charcoal Block and Dried Kelp Block!
  • Added 1 New Weapon: The Trident!
  • Added 6 New Foods: Raw Rat, Cooked Rat, Ice Cream, Dried Kelp, Poptart Crum and Nyan Poptart!
  • More Coming Soon!


  • The Water Villager Dropps Nautilus Shell
  • The Rat Dropps Raw Rat
  • The Turtle Dropps Scute


These Items has No Function yet:

All four Buckets, Security Puppet Item, Nautilus Shell, Shell, Underwater Eye, Heart of Sea, Prismarine Heart and Rat Scales!


Comings Soon:

Conduit 3d Block

3D Trident


and More!

You can Comment Some Ideas for The Mod!

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nice, how about a past mod also that adds back in removed stuff? :P no? ok XD ima use this mod in a new world along with some others