Tricky Traders

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 The Tricky Traders are Illusioners

(and sometimes even some evokers) Magically undercover,

disguised as commonwandering traders.


They will to reveal themselves and attack as soon as you try to innocently trade with them or hit them(even if no one hits harmless Traders, right?👀).

They've been hiding in the minecra code for too long and are now ready to impersonate the unexpected.

(Who knows, in the future they might even disguise themselves as other animals like sheeps.)

[i think I’ll seriously work on it, i wrote it as a joke but sounds like a very neat thing /claim (joke)]" lmao.


By the way Illusioner's illusory tactics aren't foolproof yet, so with caution, you might recognize them.

The mod is still in beta, so some features might seem a bit rough around the edges, but I'll probably work on them pretty soon.



 [technical note :

the mod ID is tricky_traders

the sole mob actually added is Tricky_traders:tricky_trader ]






 [yes you can use it in modpack or videos,

just leave a link to this page]




FAQ (although no one has actually asked me any questions yet):

Q: You mentioned Evokers, so do I risk being killed in the early game?

A: Don't worry, Evokers are only 10% of Tricky Traders on Hard difficulty and normally 0% (percentages are a work in progress).

Q: How do I distinguish a T. Trader from a genuine wandering trader?

A: In theory, you shouldn't, but if you look them in the eyes, their gaze is different [the color is slightly different]. But I might release an optional resource pack in the future to make them identical for those brave players that love challenges.

Q: Aren't you the author of the Famous* Potassium & Sulphur Gunpowder? I admire you!

A: Modestly yes, that's me. Thank you for playing my first mod.

A?: You don't know it? PLAY IT NOW, (just kidding)

Q: If I find bugs, or have suggestions, where can I write to you?

A: Currently, I don't have a specific channel. (I was planning to create a general Telegram channel for my projects) But you can message me on the Telegram channel of Potassium & Sulphur's Gunpowder, or in the comments, but Telegram would be preferable (I receive the message faster).

Q: I'm responsible for a company/platform and would like to sponsor you, are you interested?

A: Of course, DM me on Curseforge. That would make me happy.

Thank you & Thanks a lot

Have fun

Check out my other projects

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