Evocation and Annihilation!!

Published by Kebab on Fri, 09/09/2022 - 17:41
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Academic Free License v3.0
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Latest supported Minecraft version

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Evocation and Annihilation adds new content related to Illagers and Villagers, including

a new cursing table, a new totem, a new Illager and more!



The mod adds 3 brand new curses to the game. These, along with Curse of Vanishing,

can be applied to a sword in the cursing table. There's also a small chance it'll apply mending.

The new curses include:

Curse of Electrifying | Powerful | Randomly strikes lightning on the target or yourself when attacking

Curse of Rampaging | Beneficial | Randomly gives strength 3, hunger 3 and nausea

Curse of Losing | Bad | When dropping your item on the ground there's a chance it will disappear



In this mod there's currently 2 mobs, with more to come. These new mobs include:

The Cultist | Illager | Summons Imps, fires fireballs and uses ender pearls to attack players and villagers

The Imp | ??? | Small and evil creatures that attack players and villagers using their trident


The mod in action:



Can I use this in a modpack? | Yes

Can I redistribute this mod (on another website)? | Yes, but be sure to follow the AFL 3.0 Licence.

Fabric? | Maybe

Mcreator? | Using Mcreator had no impact on the qualty of the mod.

Backport to X version? | No I have a live (sort of)

Where's 1.19.2? | Will update soon.





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Evocation and Annihilation! 1.1.0 for Minecraft Forge 1.18.2.jar - Version 1.1.0Uploaded on: 09/26/2022 - 14:29   File size: 512.78 KB


You can now curse axes
Added the Illager Statue block (unobtainable for now)
Added the Curse of Explosions
Lowered the teleportation distance of the Totem of Teleportation
Improved the Cursing Table GUI

i love when a mod adds unique magic-based GUIs, and i also love the idea of dark magic. but i especially love the 2 ideas together! good job man, i may make my blood magic mod compatible with this mod if ur fine with that.