Ore Spiders

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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hi this is the Ore Spiders mod he adds new spiders with different live and strengthen the mod based on the ore Spiders mod he adds a creative tab where all the spawn eggs are

here are some of the spiders that are there

Coal Spider
drop is coal
live 10
Attackdamage 3

Gold Spider
drop is gold
has to live like the normal spine 16
Attackdamage 4

Diamond Spider
drop is Diamond
Life 50
Attackdamage 6

Redstone Spider
Drop is Redstone
Living like an Enderman 40
Attackdamage 4

Quartz Spider
drop is quartz
Life 70
Attackdamage 7

if you wish or have found bugs dan write it in the comments otherwise a lot of fun with it

Modification files
Ore Spiders.jar - Ore Spiders108.21 KB
Ore Spiders Texture Update.jar - Ore Spiders Texture Update106.26 KB

- the texture of the spiders has been adjusted to fit with vanilla

- Old Spider Texture Removed

- The Lapis Spider Has New Blue Eyes that Fit