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I little late for Halloween, I know, but this is only my second mod and the first in MCreator 1.9! Soo much better than 1.8!

Anyway, Without further ado, let's dive in! Comment all questions and bugs that you find!


Frosty Zombie- A little slow but hits hard! Is immune to fire and player damage. Health value = 25. Spawns in snow biomes and Zombified Plains!

Slimy Zombie- Very fast and tough to beat! Is immune to arrows and potions! Heath value = 15. Spawns in swamp biomes and Zombified Plains!

Friendly Zombie- He's neutral, you can ride him, and he attacks zombies (and all zombie sub-types)!  Heath value = 10. Spawns in Zombified Plains!

Blowpipe Zombie- Pthcoo! Has a new weapon that makes him unique!  Also wears armor! Health value = 20. Spawns in Zombified Plains!

Assassin Zombie- Fast and deadly. gets the job done. wears a mask. Health value = 30. Spawns in Zombified Plains!


Slimy Sword- Drops from Slimy Zombies!

Frost Hammer- Drops from Frosty Zombies!

Blowpipe- Crafted with a stick, nether wart and spider eye in any order!

Club- Crafted with 4 wood logs (of any type) and a stick!

Spiked Club- Crafted with  3 iron and a club in any order!

Dagger- Dropped from Assassin Zombies!


Zombified Plains- A very hot biome with mushrooms, sourbushes... and zombies.


Sourbushes- Spawns in the nether as well as in the overworld. Takes a lonnnng time to mine, but smelts into a new food! You can craft it with nether wart to get 2 nether warts!


Sourberrys- Smelted from sourbushes. It takes about 10 ticks to eat, clears all effects, and restores 2 meat bars!


Mask- Dropped from Assassins. looks cool.


Jungle Huts- Spawn in the jungle with a villager family.

Tombyards- Spawns anywhere. Quick way to get some loot.

Cemeterys- A rare spawn in Zombified Plains.















.......pls download this description took forever........


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i have a idea make the zombie grass spread theres a tutuoral somewhere on norths channel