Mixail's mobs

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My first mod.

It is not very big mod.

The mod adds:

Mob butterfly, on the butterfly you can ride, And a lot of experience falls from them.

Mob snake,people say it meat is very tasty and it can't be cooked.

Boss dryed up,a block of coal falls out, it has 120 HP.

Boss ice dragon.

Boss forest ghost, it live in forest, immunity to everything except tridents.

Mob hell man, evil gosts from the crimson forest.

Mob warped hand, live in warped forest if they are torn off, they will be a good weapon(but very short-lived).

Ander block, useless.

Frozen diamond, smelt for 9 diamond.

The mod is in an early stage of development.

Boss ice monster, hate blazes, for spawn break ice crystal, if you kill it, this then you will have a surprise waiting for you.

Ice crystal block, break for spawn boss.

Modification files
Mixail's mobs0.1.0.jar - modUploaded on: 09/13/2021 - 14:17   File size: 145.65 KB