Zombie Apocalpyse +

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this mod adds a lot more zombies and a zombie boss

weapons: stone pistol, stone knife, iron knife + more to come

blocks: corpse: a mangled dead body, + more to come

zombies: average, fast, bruiser, damage soaker, + more to come

BOSS: the dead one: a huge zombie that does a lot of damage.


STORY BIT: one day there was a meteor shower and it was not a normal one either, it came form outside the oort cloud far outside. and then one time a lot of the meteors hit the earth

and a alien virus from many galaxy's away infected the steve's and alex's and other people! eating away at there minds and body's............... i might add lore papers ingame


curseforge link Zombie Apocalpyse +

official discord: https://discord.gg/AVYdv2jfmv

if you would like to help with the makeing of this mod



sounds: Sounds from Zapsplat.com



Modification files
newerfile.jar - adds some more things1.03 MB

I liked. Suggestion: if you are going to add more zombies, make them with different models than the normal ones, it will be really cool.