Better Creatures Reforged

Published by D4ark001 on Sun, 02/16/2020 - 19:53
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If you want a new adventure with creatures never seen before download this mod and enjoy yourself.


You will see in this mod :


-Gray Alien
-Shaman Goblin
-Easter Bunny
-Pigeon Chimmera
-Ammit (Egiptian Mithology)
-Saci (Brazilian Folcklore)
-Headless Mule (Brazilian Folcklore)
-Curupira (Brazilian Folcklore)

And other mobs that you discovered playing

New Ores:



-Sugitoite (A blend of Benitoite and Sugilite)


So far this is it, I hope you like it. Any bug let me know.

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Cool mod, you should consider submitting it for MOTW :D
What do the mobs do or drop?