Beginnings Mod

Published by Brownpen4 on Fri, 08/16/2019 - 23:11
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An evil Grampa? Villager Pigs? The Beginnings Mod brings new mobs, weapons, ores, and even dimesions. Fight new and harder mobs and find and defeat the Lich King, tired of fighting? Take a trip to the water dimension. This mod is intended for survival, new features will be added in a later version. 

Don't Know the Crafting Recipes? Don't worry, just press "R" and you will get a full GUI with the crafting recipes. 

This is only the first version of the mod! There are bound to be some glitchs and bugs, and they will be fixed in another update. 

Version 1.0

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Beginnings-Mod-1.0.jar - Beginnings Mod 1.0 (Direct Download)635.67 KB

+ Grampscane

+ Gramps

+ Granny Soup

+ Granny Cake

+ Fermented Cake



+Granny Water

+ Granny's Glasses
+ Granny's Glasses (Armor)

+ Granny

+ Cupcake

+Granny Water Potion

+Granny's TNT(only activated by redstone)

+ Leech Bow

+ Totem of Light

+ Doriteos

+ Cursed Creeper

+ Totem of Darkness

+ Gramps King

+ The Beginning Dimension

+ Dawning Block

+ Cursed Domain Biome

+Dawning Ore

+ Dawning Gem

+Dawning Sword

+ Totem Ore

+The Lich King

+ Dawning Helmet

+ Dawning Chestplate

+ Dawning Leggings

+ Dawning Boots

+ Water Dimension

+ Water Dimension Beach Biome

+ Snow Savanna Biome

+ Crafting Recipe GUI

+ Lich Kings Fortress


And you don't need a 'R' crafting thing, bc it conflicts with JEI, so people will have a hard time playing with this mod.

The Lich King? Isn't it from World of Warcraft? (I've never played it but I play Hearthstone)