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Mod, that allows you fight ordeals, extract abnormalities, work with them, train your stats, and create Weapons and armor!

In last update, Version 0.2.0 were added some new abnormalities and Ordeals.

Most Information about mod (what to do, recipes and other) you can find in encyclopedia (Craft: Book, Stick, Cobblestone)

For work mod need Geckolib for 1.20.1 

Modification files
lcmcmod-0.2.0-forge-1.20.1.jar - Version 0.2.0Uploaded on: 05/24/2024 - 07:34   File size: 2.48 MB
lcmcmod-0.2.1-forge-1.20.1.jar - Version 0.2.1Uploaded on: 06/07/2024 - 09:31   File size: 6.14 MB

Ver 0.2.1
- Added: Ability to open the encyclopaedia using the button
- Added: "Our Galaxy" armour special ability - Friendship Token restores more HP and SP
- Added: Dagger of Penitence (Deals white damage to self)
- Change: Russian localisation is temporarily unavailable until version 0.2.2.
- Change: All manuals now look more aesthetically pleasing
- Change: Changed the model of ‘Bird of Justice’, thanks to TpMoth for providing the model, link to VK:
- Edit: Added a tab in creative for mod mobs' spawn eggs.
- Change: Changed SP system (now it works like in lobotomy. Use daggers of penitence (white damage on yourself) to restore SP on your own).
- Change: All PE Boxes now have 3d Models
- Change: All abnormalities now have immunity to repulsion (since there is no repulsion in the original game)
- Fix: The damage of the mass attack ‘Aspiration’ is now 24-39
- Fix: Match Girl's Egg no longer despawns.
- Fix: One Sin no longer spawns in the world.
- Fix: Spawn eggs (and the entities themselves) are now named more clearly.
- Bugfix: Abnormality eggs now disappear when destroyed via console (they were invulnerable before).

Ver 0.2.0
- Added: Encyclopedia for learning mod elements BY YOURSeLF crafting: book + stick + cobblestone
- Added: Scarlet Noon Trial, Craft of Pale HE Essence
- Added: Scarlet Twilight Trial, craft pale WAW Essence.
- Added: Abnormality ??? (TETH Risk) (will be revealed at version release) its weapon manual and so on.
- Added: Abnormality ??? (Risk HE) (will be revealed at version release) its weapon armor and so on.
- Added: Abnormality "Big Bird", its weapons, armor, manual and so on.
- Added: Abnormality "Bird of Justice" functionality, its PE, manual, armor, and so on
- Added: Justitia, a weapon with a special attack, its conditions can be read in the manual of the anomaly.
- Added: Physical resistances and damage (Blunt, slash and pierce) (apply only in combat, working damage is only color resistances) 
- Added: Damage types (red black pale) for death messages
- Added: Sections in creative mode for mod
- Added: Agent diary will show the current level of the agent
- Changed: The movement speed from the Justice stat is now not given in the form of a potion effect
- Change: Increased the visual size of the "Justice Bird" abnormality
- Change: The level requirement for carrying the weapon "Our Galaxy" has been added (now requires: 2 lvl of Prudence and 2 Agent lvl).
- Change: It was decided to do away with the system of additional hp, instead the basic hp now grows (it is recommended to play with the resourcepack on life bar optimization).
- Change: Optimization of code size for damage tables: Now both anomalies and players have an NBT tag indicating their resistance (before, mobs had NBTs, players had variables).
- Change: The Child of the Galaxy manual has been updated (now similar to the manuals of One Sin and Match Girl).
- Fix: Errors in the spelling of ticket descriptions have been fixed.
- Bugfix: Armor risk level of the 4th match has been changed to TETH (was ZAYIN)
- Bugfix: Fixed EGO Repentance (multiplier from risk level difference and white damage to player)
- Bugfix: Corrected incorrect information on page 3 of the One Sin manual
- Bugfix: EGO Our Galaxy now deals SP damage to the player (was not deal SP damage to the player)
Ver 0.1.1
- Added: Energy drink, restores 2hp, 2 extra hp and 4 SP, Craft:shapeless: bottle, 2 PE of Galaxy Child, sugar.
- Added: Command to add stats (using cheats) /addstat r 20 (will add 20 to Fortitude), /addstat w -18 (will take away 18 Prudence) and so on, b-temperence, p-justice.
- Added: Weapons on constant reload when overweighing (to prevent firearms from being used when overweighing)
- Change: Mechanics of carrying abnormalities eggs changed, now they are not transparent and are above the player's head.
- Change: When working with abnormality, you are now completely immobilized and cannot use items (be careful)
- Change: Changed manuals of abnormalities, they are now multi-page, more convenient.
- Fix: Black damage from purple dawn and noon (no SP damage)
- Fix: resetting the player's risk level after death
- Fix: scarlet dawn and purple dawn behavior, they now attack all anomalies
- Fix: No oveweight mechanic on the Fourth Match weapon (now its here)
- Fix: Now if purple noon spawns in a cave, he will now climb up until he encounters air. (It should now not get stuck in blocks).
- Fix: The One Sin egg can now be pushed (previously it was possible to walk through it)
- Fix: The unpainted pixel on the Bird of Justice feather is now red.
- Fix: Everything that was wrong with the Galaxy Child has been fixed, he and his Pebble effect now work as in the original.