Published by menel on Sat, 07/04/2020 - 12:14
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Add more boss stuff in game



500 health,immune to fire,drowning,lightning,fall damage and cactus

If you hit it with sword or with a bow he spawns wither skeletons and he will hit you with lightning ball.

DemonGhast:1000 health

Throw fireball to you and to witherious with explosion power 4

Witherious:1000 health.

Throw wither bullet/skull to you an to demon ghast with wither effect for 20 minutes.



Modification files
MoreBossesMod-1.16.5.jar - Updated !95.94 KB

first i think it's better to use blocks to summon bosses but then i think it could be hard for you to find the blocks

you made the mod and then saying that you think ited be better if you do whatever in your own comment section

i will update my mod soon.Any idea what bosses could i add

i just update the mod to the latest available version. Enjoy :)