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This mod will at 5 new types of turtles and also items with these turtles.


mobs :


Ender tortoise :

This tortoise will spawn in the end dimension and can drop chorus fruit when killed and will be cooked when killed while on fire and can also drop ender shutes. 

The ender tortoise will teleport randomly when hurt and is also hurt by water. To breed the ender tortoises you need to use chorus flowers.



Wither tortoise :

This tortoise will spawn in the nether and can drop bones and/or coal when killed and can also drop wither shutes. They give mobs in their area the wither effect. To breed the wither tortoises you need to use coal.



Lava tortoise :

This tortoise will spawn in the nether and can drop stone, coal, coal ore and lava shutes. To breed the lava tortoises you need to use magma cream.



Skeleton turtle :

this turtle will spawn in oceans and rivers and can drop bone, bone blocks and bone shutes. To breed the skeleton turtles you need to use bone blocks



zombie turtle :

This turtle will spawn in oceans and rivers and can drop rotten flesh, carrots, iron ingots and zombie shutes. zombie turtles will attack normal turtles and have a chance to convert them into zombie turtles.








Wither shell :

The whither shell can be worn on your head to protect you from the wither effect.


Boneshell body :

If this armor is worn you can click B to open a chest that can only hold arrows.


Zombie shell leggings :

If you are burning while wearing this armor will be extinguished


Lava boots :

These boots will create a sort of frost walker effect but for lava when worn.


Items :


Ender shutes :

Ender shutes can be used to make ender shell boxes.


Wither shutes :

Whither shutes can be used to make the wither shell.


Lava shutes :

Lava shutes can be used to make the lava boots.


Bone shutes :

Bone shutes can be used to make the boneshell body.


zombie shutes :

Zombie shutes can be used to make the zombie shell leggings.


Ender shell boxes :

Ender shell boxes are a way to store 9 stacks the sizes up to 16 in 1 inventory slot.






You can use the scutes of the turtles to brew potions.


The ender master:
With this effect you would teleport when hurt, but water would also hurt you.

The lava master:
With this potion you would get fire resistance, but you will still get damage when on fire until you have half a heart left.


The wither master:
With this effect you will give the wither effect to all nearby mobs.


The zombie master:
With this effect if you're hurt after you're at half health you can summon iron golem support, but also a chance of zombies.


The skeleton master:
With this effect you will shoot an extra arrow when pulling a bow or crossbow.




This mod has been made with Mcreator and the turtle models have been made with Blockbench.

I have a discord server where you can ask questions, talk or put bug reports if you want to do it there

If there are questions or other things you can put them on my curseforge page

Modification files
more_turtles_1.19.2_2.0.jar - 1.19.2 versionUploaded on: 10/25/2022 - 09:27   File size: 362.07 KB
more_turtles_1.18.2_2.0.jar - Big update. version 1.18.2Uploaded on: 08/11/2022 - 08:43   File size: 340.33 KB
more_turtles_1.17.1_v.1.0.jar - 1.17 version with small bugfixesUploaded on: 12/18/2021 - 08:54   File size: 185.5 KB
more_turtles_1.16.5.jar - 1.16.5 versionUploaded on: 07/23/2021 - 12:03   File size: 245.06 KB


Changelog more_turtles_1.17.1_v.1.0.jar:

-The turtle models and textures are now slightly different.

-The skeleton and zombie turtle now have bigger hitboxes.

-The skeleton and zombie turtle now move a bit faster in water.


Changelog more_turtles_1.18.2_2.0.jar:

The Ender Master.
The Lava Master.
The Wither Master.
The Zombie Master.
The Skeleton Master.


-You can now breed ender, lava and wither tortoises and skeleton turtles.
Which will then lay eggs which will spawn baby turtles variants.


-The teleportation of the ender tortoise has been updated.
-The wither tortoise is now an undead mob.


New bugs:
-Baby skeleton turtle arms have a rendering problem.

finally a turtle related mod, where tortoise and turtles are always named correctly

I really like the idea of this mod, but I wish there were more unique mechanics in it (like cool ways to produce scutes other than killing them) and perhaps more custom uses for them :)