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A mod that adds a new mob, a new set of armor, and an item that acts like the "hammer" in many other mods.

New Mob: Ender Stalker.

My first custom entity with a custom model! I usually just use vanilla models with new textures, but this guy looks like a taller, lankier, and creepier enderman.

New Tool: Ender Stalker Arm. This arm dropped by the new mob acts like a "hammer", mining in a 3x3 area.

New Armor: Ender Stalker Suit: This suit gives some good armor points, and each piece gives a positive potion effect, such as resistance, night vision, jump boost, and swiftness.

I tried REALLY hard on the model and textures to make them look creepy/scary. I set no animations because I thought it would make the mob move creepier, and I think it does.

I hope you like this mod, and if you do please upvote + comment!

Modification files
Ender-Stalkers Version 1.jar - The Ender Stalker ModUploaded on: 09/18/2021 - 19:58   File size: 86.39 KB