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Published by swelkinn_n on Sun, 11/29/2020 - 00:26
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"My task is to catalog these..creatures. The world needs to know of them. I go where no man should, for the sake of my art."

- A.M Linden, "The Linden Files."


The Linden Files mod is an attempt at making Minecraft more bizarre and intriguing. It adds several new miscellaneous creatures (with items planned), all with the idea that they are not "natural". Albeit heavily inspired by the works of Trevor Henderson and the SCP Foundation, with the mod in concept being inspired by the likes of Rotten Creatures and Lykanite's Mobs. The creatures here are wholly original, with any connections being completely unplanned and incidental, or coincidence. The entire mod is planning to be presented as if the player is reading the character of A.M Linden's files on the creatures and items they have encountered for the knowledge of the said entry in Linden's files. (Hence "The Linden Files".)

This mod currently adds 5 unique creatures, 4 of which are hostile.

Future plans include many more creatures, and even some items, as well as advancements.

Modification files
linden_version1.jar - 5 mobs, first releaseUploaded on: 11/29/2020 - 00:41   File size: 154.38 KB
linden_1.1.jar - Redux of 1.0Uploaded on: 01/31/2021 - 23:03   File size: 166.19 KB

Chapter One, "The Linden Files" :

Simple creatures.

-The Shadow Stalker, an interesting creature in its nature of hiding. It waits from afar, with the furthest known watch distance being an astonishing 500 meters blocks away. It seems relatively weak, albeit very hostile and proven to kill.

-The Grekin, a relatively simple being at heart, or lack thereof. Presumably undead, and comes from the deepest possible depths underwater. Seemingly amphibious and feasts upon fish.

(-John, something not present in "Linden Files". Based on the old modded creature of the same name, it is relatively close to the source material. Added for fun mostly, hence why it's labeled with an S. It hunts players and villagers.)

-"Mr. Flat" a very intriguing case of a recorded being in these files. I have no idea how they function. They are as flat as paper, and seemingly made entirely of it. All details are drawn on. They don't seem interested in killing me, let alone me in general. I cannot tell if this is a lack of higher (or any) brain function or a lack of care, and an average "human" brain. 

-The Screechling, my personal least favorite. Screams very loudly and craves blood. It's proven to run after whatever is living in the surroundings and is extremely quick, but they do not eat most of their prey. They seem to carry a majority of the carcass back into the woods. Further testing is needed to see where they are brought, but I assume it is for a "mother", hence my given name of Screechling.

If you like this mod, you may be interested in my other mod, Genuinely Too Many Additions (aka my main project)

Would be nice if you added some description of the mobs in the mod page and/or some screenshots :)
Good mod tho

Looks interresting... ONLY THE TITLE, cuz thats all we get. Add some images so we can see whats even in the mod