Horror Mod

Published by guigs77 on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 17:42
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This modds adds a lot of things :

It adds mobs :

 - Terminator : loot bullet, machine gun and chipset

 - MrJack : loot ectoplasma

 - Scream : loot scream knife

 - Vampire : can only be kill with a stamp; loot vampire heart and blood bottle

 - symbiote : can only be kill with machine gun; loot venom skin and steel nugget

 - Mummy : loot mummy dust 

All of these mobs loot  one ectoplasma with the precedent loots when killed.

When you craft an It totem you just need to place it and break the red part to summon the boss It. when you kill this boss it will spawn a block, it is the boss chest ( who looks like blue bricks ). Inside you will found the clown sword ( 50 attack damage ), 32 ectoplasma and some fear essence.

For the recipes :   

Alloy crafter :

 - Steel ingot : Iron ingot + charcoal

 - Inox ingot : Steel ingot + mummy dust

Advanced crafting table :

p = Planks, si = Steel ingot, r = redstone dust, g = gunpowder, i = iron ingot, e = Ectoplasma, pa = paper, st = stick, rf = rotten flech, b = Blood bottle, et = Empty totem, u = Undead

essence, vh = Vampire heart, s = string.

 - Machine gun :  p     si

                            g     si 

                            r      si


 - Bullet :  i   g


- Bandage :  e   p

                     p   p

                     p   p


 - Empty totem :  e  e

                         st  st

                          e  e


 - Undead essence :  e  e

                                 rf  rf

                                  b  b


 - Blood totem :  e  e

                          et  et

                          b  b


 - Totem of undying :  e  e

                                  et  et

                                  u  u


 - It totem :  e  e

                   b  vh

                   s  s

For them recipes you need UE ( unity of ectoplasma ) to create them you need to craft the generator and put inside it Ectoplasma.

For the other recipes use JEI.

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