Eternal Mobs: Forever

Published by RetDwist on Sat, 03/27/2021 - 03:26
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Note: the mod is canceled because a mod file is corrupt ... excuse me, but something big is coming

All Mobs

 Alive Diamond

an interesting mob, can appear in the mountains, discovered in broad light at night (NOTE: It has nothing to do with the main topic of the update)


A very rare creature, it is like a cerberus, nothing more than it has ... 5 heads really, nothing more to say, it is not that wide, with 100 life and quite rare

 Basalt Giant

A basalt giant, with the appearance of a giant troll, red eyes and kills players, a very rare mix in my opinion, measures more than 3 blocks, and is quite aggressive towards the player

 Nether Ladybug

a ladybug like any other, only bigger, resistant, and ... terrifying, the red dots on its back indicate (at least in the Lore of my mod) that it is a poisonous creature, even if it is not like that, it makes the other enemies do not attack her

 Nether Recour

the nether recour, a giant monster, made of pure glowstone ... with more than one mouth, although not really, a mouth on the top of its head, and on the bottom of its mouth



a simple animal, doesn't like to be disturbed, spawn in deserts, that's why it's quite a nice addition! Fun fact: the texture of this mob took me a long time to make

 Copper Lizard

a lizard, that still cannot be found in the world, a creature, quite rare, made by the madman of the Automaton!


 Ultimaton Follower

a kind of villager ... made of copper ... protector of his boss! the automaton! does not spawn around the world, it can only be found in a new structure, the automaton temple, made with copper blocks

Copper Ultimaton

a copper-covered villager, prepared to eliminate anything ... that attacks him, being passive, unless they hit him, he needs guards that if they think for him, the Automaton has great importance in the history of mod [Note: he's a mini boss]


 Crimson Fish

A normal fish, just red, with some extra things ... for example: He hates being with squid, that's why he is their natural enemy! whenever he sees one he will run intimidated!

 Nether Crab

Appears in the nether, a crab and nothing else ... drops Crimson Plates

 Sand Lobster

a calm animal, it does not hunt anything, nor does it bother, it appears on the beaches


A natural hunter who is a relative of the Redstone Anglerfish, and an enemy of the Redstone Anglerfish. He likes to eat players, and salmon. Also, he is the only source to obtain "Deep Slime"

Redstone Anglerfish

A curious fish that leaves bright particles up where it is, its favorite food is dolphins and drowneds ...


Basalt Stringay

a basalt stingray, quite an interesting mob in its depth ...



a simple octopus, it could be camouflaged quite well in a red coral, he loves to eat Crimson Fishs!


Stingray Shark

His favorite food is octopus, he appears on the beaches, just like octopus

 Basking Shark

A shark with a big mouth, that loves to eat redstone anglerfish, for lunch, dinner, and breakfast, but, since it has a lot of life, it drops a block of gold.

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0.0: Octopus, and more mobs

0.1: 3 New Items

0.1 Extra: Added Ultimaton

1.0: Nether Update