Skulls and Monkeys

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Minecraft Forge mod
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0
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The Skulleton Returns and New Mystical Monkey Mischief!!!


Skulls and Monkeys for 1.16.5 (and 1.15.2) is a bit different from the 1.12 release, as it focuses solely on the addition of the skulleton and its undead parts, bananas, banana trees, monkeys and of course, those pesky mystical monkeys.  They’ve developed new gadgets and are more dangerous than ever!  But if you’re more clever than the monkeys, you can get those gadgets for yourself.  Explore the jungle to find their monkey fortress, or search for the rare stone tree tomb for an undead challenge.  There’s lots of fun advancements you can earn too.


Be aware that this mod aims for game balance but also to introduce some fun and highly useful items for players.  For maximum fun, play Skulls and Monkeys on survival, so you can discover the mystical monkeys' secrets in-game.  The JEI mod is recommended for recipes, although I will try to add a guide at some point.


Note that unlike the 1.12 version, the mod doesn’t include all the random additions like the recreated items from must-have past mods, such as the Emerald Mod, TLSpecial Armor, Turkey Util, Wrench in the Works or my own NPCs.  Some of this may be added separately at a later date, so that players can pick and choose what they want.


Skulls and Monkeys on Curseforge



Modification files
skullsandmonkeys_v2.0.0_mc1.16.5.jar - Skulls and Monkeys for MB
skullsandmonkeys_v2.0.0_mc1.15.2.jar - Skulls and Monkeys for MB

v2.0.0 release

Sounds - Aegersum, Sea Fury, Debsound, JavierZumer, kyles, JohanDeecke, VlatkoBlazek, InspectorJ, CosmicEmbers.
Skins and graphics - personisgreat, boio42

As this version is based on the previous 1.12.2 version, many of the credits given there apply to this version as well, including the monkey design and various monkeys sounds.

Special thanks to -
Pylo, NorthWestTrees Gaming, Cursed Warrior (GUI design), MrXuiryus and Everbloom Games (Blockbench)