The Insectoid Mod (twobgarbage)

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Welcome to all who are reading this, this is the Insectoid Mod, made by yours truly, twobgarbage. I created this world to be as merciless as possible, this is not meant to be easy. The entire point of this mod is to create a challenge, to create a world so challenging that most players need to build walls around their city just to keep the creatures I created out. In this world, the Minecraft that you used to know begins to fall apart, diamond armour suddenly becomes more and more useless, and it just turns into a waste of time to obtain. You stop exploring, for fear of the Insectoids, and the unlucky army of Infected NPCs. You begin to fear going outside of your city walls because you might get ripped apart by a siege beast. Traps become more and more useful to you, and escape routes are your most valuable safety precaution.

So tell me... Are you ready for this? Can you take on the never-ending army of insectoids, waiting outside your walls? Or should I ask, do you think you will survive?

Modification files

Trying to figure out how to get it working for the next version of MCreator, but it doesn't really matter, it still works for the same version of Minecraft... Sorry about that though.

By the way, I couldn't fit all the enemies in the one picture, so I just went with the A.I.M. Soldier, there are a bunch more, but the one shown here is the only mob that attacks the Insectoids...

Could you make Insectoids infect Villagers? For example to make them create more insectoids after their death