Nugget's Dungeons II

Published by Turk23 on Thu, 12/31/2020 - 18:35
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Welcome to Nugget's Dungeons II, a continuation of my original Nugget's Dungeons mod, this time for 1.15.2 and 1.16.4!


I am the original creator of both Nugget's Dungeons & Mythical Monsters and Dangerous Dungeons, and will be merging the two together over the course of the next few months, along with adding new content, to make this; a dungeon mod planned to have over 150 different structures, mobs, and even bosses!


Currently, there are 130 structures and dungeons, with more on the way!


As of v2.0, a second elite dungeon, the White Pumpkin Mansion, has been added to the Pumpkin Patch biome. There are only 2 elite dungeons in the mod currently, with more planned in the future!


Dungeon List:

Beta 1:

Copper Dungeon- home to Copperoids, and some loot if you conquer the dungeon without being slain. Also contains the first Relic of the mod, a concept that will be expanded upon in the future.

Bograchnid Nest- home to the Bograchnids, a bunch of swamp spiders. They drop slimeballs, and offer an alternative way to get a few quick slimeballs.

Bonerachnid Nest- home to the Bonerachnids, boney spiders that drop, well, bones! They offer another way to get bones.

Beta 2:

Graveyard- home to Haunted Armor, haunted sets of iron armor wielding iron swords. These armor sets drop iron ingots.

Caverachnid Nest- home to the Caverachnids, spiders that drop cobblestone, and whose nest spawns underground.

Beta 3:

Anthill- home to Ants, annoying little pests that go down easy, and drop Anthill blocks.

Woodrachnid Nest- home to the Woodrachnids, originally from Mythical Monsters and Dangerous Dungeons!

Beta 4:

Charred Tower- home to the Charred, Nether variants of the Drowned.

Jungle Woodrachnid Nest- home to Jungle Woodrachnids, leafy jungle variants of the normal Woodrachnids.

Dreadlich Manor- home to the Dreadlich, the first boss introduced into Nugget’s Dungeons II!

Beta 5:

Squidman Ship- home to the Squidmen, bipedal squid-humanoids that sail the oceans in search of their god... the Kraken.

Scorpion Den- home to Scorpions, dangerous creatures that drop Chitin, which can be used to make Chitin Armor.

Illusioner Tower- home to Vindicators, and the Illusioner! Think of this as a "miniboss dungeon" per say.

Beta 6:

Broodmother Den- home to the Spider Broodmother, a menacing spider who drops a relic sword.

Yeti Cave- home to Yetis, who drop a new fruit called Frostfruit.

Illager Rebel Camp- home to an Illager Rebel, and his pet sheep!





Known Bugs

- Structures occasionally can be cut in half, resulting in missing monsters/loot/etc

- Worldgen can be a little finnicky at times, resulting in somewhat... interesting(?) generation on occasion


Please report any more bugs you find below, and I will try to fix as many as possible.


More will definitely be coming in the future, including larger, more interesting dungeons.


Future Plans:

- Bring back all the Nugget's Dungeons & Mythical Monsters and Dangerous Dungeons content, with adjustments as needed

- Multiple new structures in the Outer End that make it more rewarding and fun to explore

- More new structures in the nether

- 3 more metal dungeons that are more valuable and loot-hefty than the Copper Dungeon

- Towers that hold loot, as well as a boss at the top

- Much, much more!

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