Elemental Mix

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MoTW: 30 October, 2020 year
Some-Of-Type credits:

  • HjerreSwag (Sound Artist)
  • Minecraft (by Mojang)
  • Terraria (by Redigit)
  • Calamity Mod (by Fabsol and his team)

Mod translated on:

  • English

This mod is still wip so may contain bugs.

Well, im made the Elemental Mix. Or in short, this mod.
It about elementals and will have final boss. Possibly harder than any other boss.
Let's start about Forest Golem.

 He spawns in the Forest.
Drop is: Essence of Forest (material) | Forestree (weapon) | Forest Bow (weapon) | Forest Book (weapon) | Leaf (weapon)
Rare drop is: Giga Tree (weapon)

Forestree: 5.5 Attack Damage, 1.4 Attack Speed. If player hold this sword, he gets speed effect.
Forest Bow: Arrow inflicts slowness effect.
Forest Book: 4 attack damage, 2.5 seconds cooldown. Summons Forest Golem.
Leaf: 2.5 throwing damage.
Giga Tree: 16 attack damage, 0.2 attack speed. Older brother of Forestree.

Let's talk about Cloud Elemental.

She spawns in the Mountains.
Drop is: Essence of Cloud (material) | Sword of the Sky (weapon) | Stormbow (weapon) | Cry-Sky Book (weapon) | Storma Kunai (weapon)

Sword of the Sky: 3.6 damage, 1.8 attack speed. On hit inflicts levitation on enemies. Don't work on flying enemies.
Stormbow: Not need any ammo. When it hits an enemy, inflicts levitation on enemy.
Cry-Sky Book: 3 damage, 4/seconds cooldown. Summons cloud elemental which attack your enemies.
Storma Kunai: 5.6 throwing damage.
Cry-Sky Book minion gone animation:

Let's talk about Sand Elemental.

She spawns in Desert/Badlands.
Drop is: Essence of Sand (material) | Desert Fury (weapon) | The Blame of the Desert (weapon) | Mythical Lamp (weapon) | Pyramid Bricks (weapon)
Rare drop is: Desert Wrath (rare weapon) | The Blame of the Badlands (rare weapon) | Fairy Lamp (rare weapon)
Red Sand Elemental have 10% on drop rare weapon.

Desert Fury: 3.6 attack damage, 1.6 attack speed. Inflicts slowness on entity or blindness if a player.
Desert Wrath: 5 attack damage, 1.6 attack speed. Inflicts slowness on entity or blindness if a player.
The Blame of the Desert: Inflicts slowness on enemies.
The Blame of the Badlands: Inflicts slowness on enemies.
Mythical Lamp: 2 attack damage, 5 second cooldown. Summons the Sandstorm to protect you!
Fairy Lamp: 2 second cooldown. Heals player by [Right] clicks.
Pyramid Bricks: 4 throwing damage. Sometimes deals a few extra damage.

Let's talk about Frost Golem.

 He spawns in Snowy Tundra.
Drop is: Essence of Frost (material) | Frost Sword (weapon) | Frost Disk (weapon) | Kratos' Axe (weapon; suggested by itayfeder)
Rare drop is: Eternal Cold (inspired by Cold Divinity from Calamity Mod)

Frost Sword: 2,5 attack damage, 1.2 attack speed. Inflicts Frostburn on hit.
Frost Disk: 8 attack damage. You can throw it 24/6 hours! It return to you if you hit into block/entity
Kratos' Axe: 10 attack damage, 0.7 attack speed. (no special ability yet)
Eternal Cold: 7.5 minutes cooldown. Gives 5 minute of fire protection

Let's talk about Ocean Elemental.

She spawn in the Ocean.
Her drop is: Essence of Ocean (material) | The Sea Scream (weapon) | The Cnidrion (weapon) | Seastar (weapon)

 The Sea Scream: 4.3 attack damage, 2 attack speed. Inflicts Dolphin Grace to player if he in water
The Cnidrion: Shoot trail of water
Seastar: 3 attack/throwing damage.

Let's talk about HellFire Elemental.

She spawn in the Nether.
Her drop is: Essence of Hellfire (material) | Rose Sword (weapon) | Bow of Brimmy (weapon) | Fireastic Book (weapon) | Inferno Shuriken (weapon)

Rose Sword: 6 damage, 1.4 attack speed. Burns enemies without need in fire aspect.
Bow of Brimmy: Shoot by fire which burns enemies.
Fireastic Book: 6 damage, 6/seconds cooldown. Summons blaze which attack your enemies.

Let's talk about Spirit Elemental.

 She spawns in the Nether.
Drop is: Essence of Spirit (material) | Soul Scythe (weapon) | Soul Flail (weapon) | The Soul Fire (weapon) | Soul Fire Medallion (weapon)

Soul Scythe: 5 attack damage, 0.8 attack speed. Has 4% Critical Damage.
Soul Flail: 5 attack damage, 0.8 attack speed. Has 12.5% on minor healing when hitting an enemy. When you kill an enemy, the healing becomes slightly more.
The Soul Fire: Transforms arrows into an soul fire arrow.
Soul Fire Medallion: 5 attack damage, 7 second cooldown. Summons a spirit to protect you from monsters!



Let's talk about Crimson Elemental.

He or she spawns in Nether.
Drop is: Essence of Crimson (material) | Violence (weapon) | Crimson (weapon) | Hoglin Fang (weapon)

Violence: 4 attack damage, 1.6 attack speed.
Crimson: Just a bow.
Hoglin Fang: 5 damage, 6.5 seconds cooldown. Summons little Hoglin.

Let's talk about Warped Elemental.

 He or she spawns in Nether.
Drop is: Essence of Warped (material) | Warp Sword (weapon) | The Warped Bow (weapon) | Warped Eye (weapon)
Rare drop is: Warping Rod (tool)

 Warp Sword: 5 Attack Damage, 1.6 Attack Speed. It might be broken.
The Warped Bow: It might be broken.
Warped Eye: Summons Watcher Eye that provides defense...?
Warping Rod: Teleports player by [P] button in his mouse location. 10 damage and 8 secs cooldown per teleport

Essences (essences here should be updated) 

For now, from them can be made:
The Blue Moon
The Blood Bath (upgrade of The Blue Moon)
Unholy Flame
The Fury of the Nether (upgrade of Unholy Flame)

 [The Blue Moon recipe and the Blood Bath recipe]

 [Unholy Flame recipe and the The Fury of the Nether recipe]

Misc Content

Correspondent plushie drops from Correspondent elemental with 7.77%

Elemental Bricks

 Content for builders.
Can be crafted from any stone brick and correspondent essence.

Crossmod Items
Spire Flail (Riftstorm RPG)
Recipe of Spire Flail:

Planned features:
More elementals (one of them you might see in NWTGaming discord server)
Final Boss

[Also possible it's a my last mod on which i have motivation to do LOL]
Discord Server: Click here!

Modification files
elemental_mix_18.jar - on: 12/17/2020 - 14:31   File size: 6.42 MB
elemental_mix_17.jar - on: 11/08/2020 - 11:21   File size: 6.3 MB
elemental_mix_16.jar - on: 11/03/2020 - 12:08   File size: 6.19 MB
elemental_mix_14_0.jar - on: 10/31/2020 - 11:38   File size: 5.96 MB

1.0.0 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/g2tyoa2agcv91ix/elemental_mix.jar/file):
Added HFElemental.
Added HFElemental loot.

1.0.1 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/0hdgug56xi8hkjc/elemental_mix_0.jar/file):

1.0.2 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/1evidsn1q5pzgbd/elemental_mix_1.jar/file):
Added sounds (thanks to HjerreSwag)
Added translation to russian

1.1.0 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/b81qvdpd078u2ds/elemental_mix_2+(1).jar/file):
Added Cloud Elemental.
Added Cloud Elemental Loot.
Added translation to dutch (thanks to HjerreSwag)
Added cooldown to Bow of Brimmy.
Increased cooldown time of Fireastic Book from 4 to 6.

1.1.2 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/fj3epy9p10ca92t/elemental_mix_3.jar/file):
Added Sand Elemental.
Added Red Sand Elemental.
Added special music disc. (searching music artist)
Added pulling to Stormbow and Bow of Brimmy

1.1.4 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/qcjxe8n7vud08v8/elemental_mix_4.jar/file):
Added music to special music disc. 
Added Sand Elemental loot.
Added Sand Elemental Rare loot.

1.1.5 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/q4ssevl913pxkec/elemental_mix_5.jar/file):
Fixed Sand Elemental (minion) attack.

1.1.6 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/8um44ht2aph6mi4/elemental_mix_6.jar/file):
Fixed Sand Elemental loot.

1.2.0 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/zheryh9xvvbufrs/elemental_mix_7.jar/file):
Reworked Fairy Lamp healing.
Added some new abilities to Rare weapons (from Sand Elemental).
Added Frost Golem.
Added Frost Golem loot.
Added Eternal Cold.
Added subtitles for sounds.

1.2.5 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/6y0kkzpkzj6g9nj/elemental_mix_8.jar/file):
Added Essences.
Fixed Sand Elemental and Cloud Elemental's HP.

1.2.75 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/8dgpwnv09apsbyw/elemental_mix_9.jar/file):
Added Ocean Elemental.
Added Ocean Elemental loot.
Added The Blue Moon.
Added The Blood Bath.
Fixed Frost Golem's lasers model.
Snowballs now deal damage.
Added Quartz Slicer.
Added Inferno Shuriken.

1.2.90 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/8af07noyd1noh8e/elemental_mix_11.jar/file):
Added Forest Elemental.
Added Forest Elemental loot.
Added Unholy Flame
Added The Fury of the Bowels.
Added Elementium Ingot.
Added Enchanted Elementium Ingot.
Fixed shooting items double damage
Fixed an Ocean Elemental AI
Slightly edited Blue Moon recipe and Blood Bath recipe
Fixed Eternal Cold cooldown and Fire Protection duration
Added +2 damage to Sand Swords
The Sea Scream in hand now give Dolphin Grace effect (only when in water)
Added models to arrows (thanks to NoCube!)

1.2.91 (http://www.mediafire.com/file/38lk8vu49cg263y/elemental_mix_12.jar/file):
Added Warped Gravity debuff (inflicts in end after defeating Ender Dragon)
Added Gravitation Antidote buff (grants immunity on Warped Gravity on some time)
Elemental Music Disc now have 0.1% chance to drop, not 0.01%
Renamed The Fury of the Bowels into The Fury of the Nether (https://www.mediafire.com/file/op3t665lmyqkp9q/elemental_mix_13.jar/file):
Increased Red Sand Elemental rare weapon drop chance (90% for regular; 10% for rare)
Changed Red Sand Elemental model and texture.
Added Frost Sword.
Added Frostburn particle and enchantment
Resprited a Frost Disk and Leaf
Fixed Frost Disk double damage
Made every Elemental to immune to something
Updated Enchanted Elementium Ingot texture
Elementium Ingot and Enchanted Elementium Ingot now displays it rarity
Added tooltips to Elementium and Enchanted Elementium Ingots
Added particles to Hellfire Elemental
Nerfed Desert Fury and Desert Wrath
Finally made actual Sandstorm summoning by Mythical Lamp
Added painting "Forest Guard", "At the bottom of the Sea", "Between Winner and Loser", "The Cloudastic View" and "At the Foot of the Mountain"
Nerfed Kratos' Axe
Changed Frost Disk attack type to throwing damage.
Fixed Forest Golem passive. Now he aggressive.
Added Spirit Elemental.
Added Spirit Elemental loot.
Buffed a Sand Elemental
Buffed Desert Fury and Desert Wrath
Added recipe for Gravitation Antidote
Added new enchantment - Soul Fire Aspect.
Added cooldown to bows that dont have cooldown
Changed ID of most items/entities shoots from entitybullet to their respective ID
Changed pixel of Essence of Frost
Added Elemental Bricks
Fixed Spirit Elemental not dropping Elemental Music Disc
Added Plushies
Added cooldown to The Soul Fire
Hellfire and Spirit Elementals have 0.2% to drop Elemental Music Disc, rather than 0.1%
Added Spire Flail (crossmod item)
Slightly updated Hellfire Elemental texture
Added Warped Elemental
Added Warped Elemental Plushie
Fixed Spirit Elemental dropping Ocean Elemental Plushie, now she drops correspondent plushie
Added Warped Rod
Added Warped Sword, Bow and Book
Added Warped Essence
Updated Cloud Bricks texture
Added Warped Bricks
Added Crimson Elemental.
Added Crimson Elemental Loot.
Added Storma Kunai, a throwing weapon dropping from Cloud Elemental.
Added Pyramid Bricks, a throwing weapon dropping from Sand or Red Sand Elementals.
Added Beholder Fragment (crafts from every essence)
Added Crimson Elemental Plushie.
Added Crimson Elemental Bricks.
Added Present.
Added Candy Cane.
Added Green Candy Cane.
Added Candy Cane Blocks.
Added Green Candy Cane Blocks.
Added Ice Globe.
Added Candy Twins.
Added Present Mimic.
Added Flakey.
Added Snowflocko.
Added Phantom's Path.
Added Phantom armor.
Added Glowing Lotus.

you NEED winning the mod of the week.
If not, i delete MCreator.

Conclusion: This mod is so good download this NOW!

i don't know why we'd need to see a blaze killing a pigman but ok, i approve!