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This is my second mod created using MCreator. This mod showcases 2 new hard to kill Bosses both with extra speed and they brought some friends to help. Tarzog is an EnderSpider that attacks by shooting his bloody fangs and spwns endermites everywhere she goes. Then there is Roag the Ranger and he attacks with his daggers and wears a full diamond suit of armor. I would say Roag is very tuff to kill and he brings an army of zombies to help him out. Every once in a while he calls in for air support with a blaze or two.

Both are pretty light on their feet and running from them might be a bit difficult but possible. Roag will run after you along with his hoard of zombies.

Let me know if they're too hard to beat or any strange things happen. I have tested it for a bit but you never know.


Roag spawns 5% chance in Roofed Forest drops Diamonds and Obsidian Blocks and sometimes Diamond armor. 200Hp

Tarzog spawns 5% chance in Forest drops Diamonds and Obsidian Blocks. 200Hp

Modification files
mobsplus.jar - Two new TUFF to kill bossesUploaded on: 02/05/2017 - 04:49   File size: 37.9 KB