No Slime

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Apache License version 2.0
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🎮 Are you tired of Slimes ruining your gaming experience in Minecraft? 😠 The NoSlime Mod is the perfect solution for you! 🎉 With this mod, all Slimes will disappear from your world, allowing you to play with peace of mind. 🤩 No more need to worry about seeing these sticky creatures jumping on you while you are building your house or growing your crops. 🏠🌱


The NoSlime Mod is very easy to install and use. 📥 Just download it and add it to your Mods folder, and that's it! 📁 You can finally enjoy your world to the fullest, without any interruption from Slimes. 🌟

Don't wait any longer and download the NoSlime Mod now to say goodbye to Slimes in your Minecraft world! 👋

Modification files
noslime-1.0.0-neoforge-1.20.4.jar - V1.0.0Uploaded on: 04/25/2024 - 16:56   File size: 44 KB

Version 1.0:

  • Initial release of the mod
  • Removes all Slimes from flat worlds (and any type of world)