Pirates And Looters Mod

Published by __Jacobb__ on Sun, 06/28/2020 - 17:50
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Welcome to the Pirates And Looters  Mod!

It is a mod that adds pirates to the gameplay and things related to them.It is somewhat in a vanilla climate.Pirates are reborn in the world. They are not normal illargers. They are very aggressive and there are skirmishes between them when one of them hits them with a bullet. In mod you can also find pirate pistols and even a hand cannon!

Sample Pirates:



Latest update videos(If you want to subscribe to my channel I'll be happy:3): 



Animation update. Now every pirate has animations of sword attacks or pistol shooting. Thank you CrimsonSteve

Can u use illager textures for heads and make the textures look better thx

thank you, I have a plan to add soon new mobki that will surely enter the atmosphere of kraken is a distant idea because it is very difficult but I am going to add that once in a while with a pirate skeleton a skeleton parrot will be reborn. Soon I'm going to add a monkey, a skeleton monkey and an agressive monkey with a gun and a pirate costume, of course, the new model will be not a skin